1HP Portable Submersible Pump

1HP Portable Submersible Pump

1hp Portable Submersible Pump

MWQ Submersible Sewage Pump is largely utilized for municipal operates, industrial properties, hotels, hospitals, civil air protection, mines and so forth. CZPTs to drain off the sewage, waste water, rainwater and residing drinking water in metropolitan areas that contains sound grains and different prolonged fabrics.

PUMP Requirements

·Usage:                                            Sewage  &  Clean H2o
·Type: MWQ Submersible Sewage Pump
·Capacity Up to 5760mthree/hr( 1600 L/s )
·Head Up to sixty two m ( 203 feet )
·Speed: Up to 2880 rpm
·Outlet Dia: 50mm to 2600mm (two”up to 23″)
·Temperature Max.: 155 ºC
·Shaft 420 CZPT Steel
·Pump Casing Forged Iron
·Impeller Forged Iron
·Neck Ring Cast Iron
·Motor Drinking water Jacket Moderate Steel
·Motor CZPT Seal 304 CZPT Metal
·Soaked End CZPT Seal 304 CZPT Steel
·Motor Human body Solid Iron
·Oil Housing Cast Iron

Structural Drawing 

Performance Parameter

Choice CHART

Variety Outlet Dia. (mm) Ability (m3/h) Head (m) Power (kw) Effectiveness (%)
50WQ15-eight-.75 fifty fifteen 12 .seventy five fifty two
50WQ25-36-7.five fifty thirty fifteen seven.5 48
65WQ30-ten-two.2 sixty five thirty ten two.two sixty two
65WQ30-35-seven.five 65 thirty 35 7.five fifty
80WQ50-8-2.two eighty 50 eight two.two sixty
100WQ80-7-3 one hundred eighty seven three 64
150WQ150-ten-seven.5 150 one hundred fifty 10 7.5 72
200WQ300-10-fifteen 200 300 ten 15 seventy four
250WQ500-10-30 250 five hundred 10 thirty seventy two
300WQ700-19-fifty five 300 seven hundred 19 fifty five 75
350WQ1100-twenty five-a hundred and ten 350 1100 twenty five 110 seventy six
400WQ2000-23-185 four hundred 2000 23 185 eighty
500WQ3000-fifteen-132 500 3000 fifteen 185 72
600WQ4000-20-315 600 4000 20 315 seventy seven


 Set up of WQ Sewage Remedy Pump

Conditions of use
1. The medium temperature need to not be in excess of 40ºC,the density no greater than1200Kg/m, and the PH value inside of 5-nine.
two. Rated voltage 380V,rated frequency 50Hz.The motor can run efficiently only under the condition the deviations of equally rated voltage and frequency are not more than five%.
three. The greatest diameter of the strong grain likely through the pump has not to be bigger than fifty% of that of the pump outlet.
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1HP Portable Submersible Pump