20FT 30000L Mild Steel Rectangular Self Bunded Tank Container

20FT 30000L Mild Steel Rectangular Self Bunded Tank Container

20FT 30000L gentle metal rectangular self bunded tank container

Containerised Gas Tanks for diesel petrol aviation used for fuel storage have revolutionised refuelling for firms. An integral CZPTary tank wall, rather like a tank within a tank, has accomplished away with the need to have to develop an expensive bund wall program when storing petrochemical liquids. Classic underground storage is a factor of the earlier. No more time are logistical challenges and isolated spots limiting your progress – as an alternative you can install a self bunded storage tank system on internet site where ever is practical, even in quite distant places.

20ft and 40ft Containerised Fuel Tanks for diesel petrol aviation
Normal packages are accessible for
-Small Fleet Refuelling 
.Property Base Refuelling
CZPTCZPT and Waste Oil

Containerised fuel tank is a high quality fuel storage remedy made for harsh running environnments with minimum website preparing. Pressed corners and a bolstered prime indicates a sturdy tank for your gas storage demands. 


  1.  self bunded Tanks primed and painted with Hempel Hempadur 15560 Primer and Hempel Hempathane 55100 Paint Coating
  2. Australia CZPTs double skinned bulk diesel gasoline storage tank
  3. Container corner locks offered
  4. Tanker Hose Filler with Dust Cover CZPT
  5. Anti Syphon Valve
  6. Overfill CZPT mechanical, and mechanical shutoff is CZPT. The alarm is optional.
  7. Long term ladder and system for straightforward accessibility
  8. Stress/Vacuum Vent in compartment containment
  9. Interstitial room integrity administration system using dipstick
  10. Pump Bay Housing
  11. Breather Vents and so forth equipped with dust filter fitting
  12. Dipstick, Dip Position and cap offered
  13. Tank Gauging can be fitted if asked for
  14. Safety Doors and locks
  15. Statutory Signage
  16. Tanks are UL Detailed




CZPT Parameters

20ft and 40ft Containerised Fuel Tanks are UL outlined and Constructed to Final.

  • CZPT resistant vented tank
  • Insulated tank and dispensing line for temperature handle
  • Submerged stainless metal pump
  • CZPT steel pipework
  • Fluid stage dipsticks for tank and interstitial place




20ft and 40ft Containerised Gas Tanks for diesel petrol aviation can be placed on a compacted gravel foundation or concrete pad, thus minimising set up costs, environmental affect and set up time.All tanks occur with CZPT fittings. Optional extras this sort of as alternative fittings, vents, valves, inside finishes and fuel monitoring methods are obtainable to meet up with a broad assortment of buyer specifications and to minimise website labour.These bulk fuel tanks can be utilised in a range of applications they are appropriate for Diesel Gas, CZPTeum Fuels, Lube Oils, Aviation Fuels and Waste Oils. 


In which to use


20ft and 40ft Containerised Gasoline Tanks for diesel petrol aviation can be employed seasonal Specifications (Getaway places, marinas, agricultural places, and many others.)
Private Activities & Corporations (Motor sporting activities, and so forth),
CZPT Web sites,
Gasoline provide for big fleets and in-property refueling web sites (huge corporations, transportation businesses, and many others.),
Forecourts on which installation, revision and maintenance functions are carried out.

Developed to the dimensions of CZPT ISO transport containers, the containerised fuel storage tanks has a greater protected fill capacity in contrast to other versions of the identical footprint. 
This sturdy variety of gas storage tanks allows for complete visibility close to and beneath the tank one thing deemed important in which stringent environmental rules exist, no require to raise for inspection. 

Company Information


Luqiang CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd manufactures a comprehensive range of 20ft and 40ft Containerised Gas Tanks for diesel petrol aviation  for storing a variety of fluids including fuels and lubricants. Our Protection moveable petrol station diesel bunded gas tank containers have been exported to several nations around the world in Asia,Africa Australia,SouthCZPTica.such as Japan,Japan,Mozambique,Argentina more than 20 over and above nations around the world all in excess of the planet. And we get excellent track record from our consumer owing to our modern and good quality goods.




In get to make outstanding quality cellular gasoline station and all varieties of storage tanks,we have passed numerous certifications to demonstrate our quality. We have ISO UL CE CSC pressure vessel certifications for our double skinned Containerised Fuel Tanks cellular petrol stations,underground fuel tanks and ISO tank container.We also can meet up with AS CZPT as we had exported several stations and tanks to Australia.Welcome to inquiry.




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20FT 30000L Mild Steel Rectangular Self Bunded Tank Container