Aeropak Tire Repair for Truck Sealant

Aeropak Tire Repair for Truck Sealant

Liquid Tyre Sealant

Positive aspects & Functions

  1. Non-Poisonous, Non-aerosol, Non-unstable.
  2. No need for a Tow Truck.
  3. Non-Rust to Rim, Non-Corrosive to Tire, improve air-tightness & extend tire sturdiness daily life by sixty%.
  4. Non-adhesive to tube, tire & rim, simple to thoroughly clean up with drinking water.
  5. Seal internal tube punctures up to 6mm.
  6. Seal tubeless tire punctures everlasting.
  7. Particular chemical brokers assist to awesome down the tire and lessen blowout by eighty%.
  8. Resolve punctures quickly, regularly and permanently for far more than 50 occasions only by a single injection(Quickly for tube tires, need standard mend).
  9. CZPTent tire dimension is developed with certain quantity this kind of as 300ml 500ml 1000ml 4L 20L and much more.Upgraded bottle cap created software significantly easier.


Continue to be efficient in the tire for 8+ months with our bare minimum recommended volume, client can include a lot more to lengthen the powerful time.

Tire sealant is a liquid that may possibly dry out in excess of extended periods of time. The rust and corrosion inhibitors in the sealant also split down in excess of time. For greatest puncture safety and optimum overall performance, we advised that refill the sealant every single six months.


  • Have to shake this sealant evenly up & down before application.
  • Do not mix with any other self-sealing agent or drinking water.
  • This sealant should be prefilled into the tire just before the punctures.
  • If you want to use this product following the puncture, you have to spot the puncture and rotate tire or shift auto to place puncture at decrease 50 percent of tire (with puncture at 6 o’ clock place), then squeeze this sealant into tire and Inflate tire with air pump.
  • This sealant will not seal punctures outside the tread spot or seal a hole created by resources like a roughen rasp.
  • This tire sealant is a temporary restore when utilised in passenger buses with tube tires, remember to examine tires frequently & look for an fast skilled repair when you find any puncture or perforating objects.
  • Eye security have to be worn during installation.
  • This item could affect the looking through accuracy of tire developed-in TPMS.
  • Utilize this sealant to previous and low-top quality tires or tires with unmatched interior tube will affect sealing functionality.
  • This Sealant might be hazardous if swallowed, Preserve out of reach of young children.

All merchandise according to12 pieces/ 24 items/ 48 parts in a carton, with crosswise card to seperate each can, and safeguard each and every can from scratching.

If transported by LCL, we will pack all the items onto pallet, and wrap with plastic movie to shield the products protected in transportation, and make certain you will receive the ordered quantity of products (will not get reduction of the merchandise) .

For Total container loading, we will ship only by DG cargo container ( UN1950, IMO two), and will set a web at the back again of container to avert products fall down and strike employees on the floor. 


Potential Bundle Carton Dimensions(mm) 20Ft Container
200ml 48pieces/carton 458*324*188 1008 cartons
400ml 12pieces/carton 275*205*205 2500 cartons 
500ml 12pieces/carton  275*205*245 2050 cartons
24 pieces/carton 415*275*187 1340 cartons
1000ml 12pieces/carton 370*280*235 1120 cartons

Aeropak Tire Repair for Truck Sealant