Automatic Screw Grout Pump for Mortar

Automatic Screw Grout Pump for Mortar

Quick Introduction
CZPT grout pump is a unique transport mortar tools, which is widely employed in freeway, railway, tunnel, city terrain, subway, hydropower station, underground caverns, this sort of as bolt grouting, consolidation grouting and backfill grouting anchor grouting engineering. And it can be utilised for dam slope, gentle rock reinforcement soil curtain grouting and pressure grouting engineering.

Major Features

1. Continuous steady grouting, no pulse, adjustable strain, stable flow rate

two. Inclined vertical framework, slurry stream, mild fat, wheel layout,easy to move

3. The pump head adopts the style of universal joint, versatile rotation

4. The grouting liquid, large selection of h2o-cement ratio and style appropriate focus of thick

five. The wheel use single or double screw, on the same stem diameter, the  grouting adopts double screw pump, displacement is greater and scaled-down pulse, stress is secure and sleek operation, lower power consumption

CZPT Parameter

Design YG-SW02 YG-SW03
Doing work effectiveness 2m³/h 3m³/h
Hopper capacity 110L 130L
CZPTtric motor 4kw five.5kw
Operating pressure two-3Mpa 2-5Mpa
Maximum pellet diameter ≤3mm ≤5mm
CZPT weight 200kg 250kg
CZPT size 1880*550*900mm 1950*590*830mm
Pump head duration 400mm 400mm
Maximum transport distance
horizontal length 180-200m a hundred and eighty-200m
vertical distance  forty-60m fifty-80m

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Automatic Screw Grout Pump for Mortar