Automatic Universal Motor Armature Manufacturing Production Assembly Line

Automatic Universal Motor Armature Manufacturing Production Assembly Line

CZPT universal motor production line armature manufacturing device

This completely automated armature winding line is appropriate for winding differs kind universal electric motor armature and DC motor armatures, such as vacuum cleaner motor, wiper motor, mixer motor, RO pump motor, electricity instrument motor, and so forth.

It attributes fast, efficient, exact winding, straightforward established-up, person-friendly programming and tooling flexibility.

Primary armature making machine specialized information

(one)CZPT flyer coil  winding machine:

The CZPT Armature Winding machine is made for winding of a variety of sorts of hook commutator armature utilized in house appliances, power resources and vehicle business. As the equipment is simple to function, rapid to set to the numerous armature measurements and large productivity, it is especially ideal for batch winding of motor armatures.

Input voltage 220V±10%
Rated frequency 50Hz
Motor electrical power two.0KW 1500r/min
Spindle pace ~1500r/min
Middle top 160mm(it CZPT.)
Max.armature OD f60mm(it CZPT.)
Pre-placing turn amount selection ~32767
Screen real shade touch screen
Speed adjustment controlled by touch monitor
CZPTting strategy manual swap
Max. pace 4000r/min
Acceleration time settable freely(default worth is one hundred-500MS)


(two)CZPT slot paper inserting equipment:

This equipment is used for inserting the insulation paper into the armature slot.

Armature O.D 20~60mm
Shaft duration Max 250mm
Shaft O.D 3~17mm
Commutator O.D 12~40mm
Slot amount 8~24 slots
Thickness of insulation paper .1mm~.5mm
Length of insulation paper ten~70mm
Kind of insulation paper materials DMD, DM, CZPTester movie
Performance .5S~.8S/slot
Air source four~6Kg/cm2
Rated energy 1.5KW
Voltage AC220V, 50/60Hz
Excess weight About 400Kg

910mm x 880 x 1300mm


(three)CZPT commutator spot welding equipment :

This Commutator sizzling staking device is used for commutator hook welding. It is routinely inHangZhou, automatically welding,you only need to load and unload the armature. Welding recent can be altered according to various wire diameter. Effortless operation and adjustment.

Armature diameter fifteen~100mm
Commutator diameter 5~60mm
Wire diameter .07~one.8mm
Max energy 25KVA
Power supply voltage 220V±10%50Hz
Air resource force



(4)CZPT armature commutator turning machine :

The turning machine is employed for armature commutator outer surface turning. Single cutter , can switch a lot more than one time. Positive knife.A few-axis servo handle.

Identify Parameter
Armature OD Ф20~Ф60 mm
Armature stack length ten~a hundred mm
Shaft length 50~250 mm
Duration of shaft at commutator finish 6~eighty mm
Shaft diameter at commutator conclude Ф3~Ф12 mm
Commutator diameter Ф12~Ф42 mm
Commutator roundness ≤0.003mm
Commutator bar-bar roundness ≤0.002mm
surface area roughness Ra .four ~ Ra one.
Optimum cutting amount Max .12mm for the initial slicing
Armature velocity regulation assortment Max 3000rpm
Z course Feeding pace Stepless adjustable
Z route chopping size 4 different turning lengths can be set
Z path stroke Max 40mm
Rotor rotation during turning good
V-block material Synthetic PCD diamonds
Turning instrument kind Wide blade
CZPT energy 6KW
Power AC380V 50/60Hz
CZPT excess weight About 1100Kg
Workpiece operation top 950mm±50
Production performance 2200-2500pcs/change
Dimension 1100mmx 900mmx1600mm

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Customerized service one. CZPT item style and manufacturing
two. CZPT trHangZhou
three.CZPT ideas
Right after-sales provider one. Warranty Period: twelve thirty day period generally
two. Overseas provider middle available
three. Engineers obtainable to provider abroad

Automatic Universal Motor Armature Manufacturing Production Assembly Line