Cotton Cake Filter Press Machine Used for Fermentation Industry

Cotton Cake Filter Press Machine Used for Fermentation Industry

HangZhou Toper CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd filter press is a sort of solids-liquid separation of different slurry, filter plates are pressed by urgent system and slurry is pumped into the filter chambers, sound particle and liquid are separated through filter cloths

one. Round plate, 500mm, or 400mm
two. Feeding type, corner 1.
3. Liquid movement variety, close a single.
4. Materials kind, aluminum alloy or reinforced polypropylene.
5. WIth wheels, canbe movable.

This cotton cake filter can use repeat using recycled fiber material as filter media to remove traces of oil in the liquid material, mechanical impurities, suspended complexes and other impurities, so that filtered liquid clear and transparent.

This cotton cake filter  has a greater filter area(evaluate to stainless steel multi-layers filter), convenient operation and maintenance of the characteristics of the machine frame with a circular structure, a square structure of the frame than the filter performance is more excellent, aircraft aluminum frame material and reinforced polypropylene two kinds of and can increase the number of frame can be reduced, can be applied to different liquid filtration.

This cotton cake filter is hot sale for fermentation broth, enzyme, ribonic acid, foods and beverage and alcoholic beverages, especially the choice of cleanse foods sanitary grade PP filter plate, gelatin filter impact is specifically very good, it removes the filter during the procedure Secondary pollution of heavy metallic ions. As a result, cotton cake filter is the gelatin creation of the most crucial and essential weapon.

All versions of this cotton cake filter press,


one. About Toper 

HangZhou Toper is the leading supplier of industrial equipment in China, and also the professional exporter and service provider of filter and separation equipment. 
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three. CZPT 
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four. Application 
Our filter and separation equipments are widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, electroplating, food, pharmacy, oil, biological, beverage, brewing, textiles, printing and dyeing, papermaking, inorganic salt, coal washing, sewage treatment, ceramics, leather such industries. 
five. Factory Capability 
CZPT Experience: since 1997, we have done a lot of innovation and improvement in the field of filter and separation equipments. 
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Cotton Cake Filter Press Machine Used for Fermentation Industry