Dead-Burned Dolomite Magnesium Production Line Equipment

Dead-Burned Dolomite Magnesium Production Line Equipment

Magnesite Sintering Manufacturing Line
one)50 Years’ Knowledge
2)Expert Style
3)Delicate CZPT
four)EPC or EP Approved

Unique Traits of Our Rotary Kiln

one.Novel style, convenient procedure
two. CZPTent type of sealing fashion for selection according to kiln designs
3. CZPT shaft framework. Single or double motor, reliable functionality
4.Simple framework of bolster, adjustable and straightforward routine maintenance

Magnesium metal manufacturing line
Dolomite Calcination program for magnesium
We are the leading company of magnesium creation strains each at home and overseas, in the year 2011, we have signed an annual output of a hundred thousand tons of magnesium metallic venture with the globe iron and metal giant Korean Pohang iron POSCO firm. 

Magnesium Calcination Process
The company’s magnesium generation line is very CZPT, at present, several CZPT enterprises at residence and overseas have decided on to cooperate with our firm.
Step1: Calcined–The calcined dolomite granular
A. Method introduction: As a outcome of mining dolomite is way too huge in volume, So crushing and calcining bulk dolomite, make its turn out to be particles.
B. Main Merchandise: Jaw Crusher, Conveyor, Vibrating display screen, Vertical preheater, Rotary kiln, Vertical cooler, and so forth.
Step2: Grinding and balling–Raw substance generation and storage
A. Method introduction: Calcined dolomite, employing a ball mill and other gear to the grinding ball content, storage after manufacturing well.
B. The main gear: CZPTtronic batching scale, Bucket elevator, Ball mill, CZPT conveyer, FU chain conveyor, and so on.
Step3: Reduction therapy -Reduction therapy raw supplies
A. Process introduction: Refine the raw components, solution the certified items and income.
B. Record of equipment and processes: Reduction furnace, Wind device Vacuum pump, Jet pump, and many others.
Step4: Refine–produce a product
A. Method introduction: Use of a sequence of equipment, refine the raw material, produce top quality goods and income them.
B. The main equipments: Refining furnace, CZPTtronic dampness device, Pouring pump, Continuous casting machine, and so on.

Company Identify: ZheJiang HangZhou CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd.
Formal Site: http:/// & http:///
24-hour Free Product sales Consulting Telephone: 86~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778937185591.
Company Address: Qiaolou caizhai industrial estate, HangZhou metropolis, ZheJiang CZPT
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spec technological parametere velocity reducer motor supporting quantity
(m) rev slope output variety type energy
  (r/min) (%) (t/h) (KW)
Φ1.6×32 .58~2.85 4 2 ZQ75-fifty YCT250-4A eighteen.five 3
Φ1.six/1.9×36 .53~1.59 4 two.five~three ZQ110-7 YCT250-4B 22 3
Φ1.9×39 .53~1.fifty nine four three~3.four ZQ125-7 YCT315-4A 37 3
Φ2.2×45 .214~one.64 three.5 4~five primary:ZS125-5 YCT315-4B forty five three
auxiliary:ZQ40-40 Y112M-four four
Φ2.5×50 .62~1.five 3.5 5~six main:ZS165-five YCT355-4A fifty five 3
auxiliary:ZS50-one Y160M-6 7.5
Φ2.5×55 .sixty two~one.5 3.five 5~six principal:ZS165-5 YCT355-4A fifty five three
auxiliary:ZS50-one Y160M-6 seven.5
Φ2.8×55 .62~one.5 3.five 6~seven major:ZS165-six YCT355-4B seventy five three
auxiliary:ZS50-1 Y160L-6 11
Φ3.0×60 .five~one.5 3.five 7~9 main:ZS165-3 ZSN-280-11B 125 four
auxiliary:ZS50-1 Y160L-six 11
Φ3.2×64 .four~1.five three.five eight~10 primary:ZL130-16 ZSN-280-11B one hundred ninety 4
auxiliary:ZL50-10 Y180L-four 22
Φ3.5×70 .4~one.five three.5 12~14 main:ZSY500-forty ZSN-315-082 280 4
auxiliary:ZL50-14 Y180L-four 22
Φ4×80 .4~1.five three.five 16~twenty primary:ZSY630-35.5 ZSN-315-12 355 four
auxiliary:ZSY280-35.five Y200L-four 30


Dead-Burned Dolomite Magnesium Production Line Equipment