Extrusion Machine to Make PVC Water Pipe

Extrusion Machine to Make PVC Water Pipe

Extrusion equipment to make pvc water pipe


PVC pipe manufacturing line consists of conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum forming tools, Haul-off machine, chopping equipment, stacker and other factors, with excellent security, and produced higher, effortless to run, trustworthy. The creation line can produce water supply and drainage pipe, the substance is U-PVC, C-PVC, big diameter PVC. Configure the CZPTary shunt mildew, with a reduced temperature. Extrusion in low pressure water membrane sizing, to make certain substantial-speed pipe generation.

PVC  plastic pipe production line is mostly employed for making the plastic PVC pipes with numerous pipe diameters and wall thickness , the plastic pipes are used for the h2o provide and drainage of agriculture , the plumbing and drainage of design , cable laying and so forth . The traces is composed of the conical twin-screw extruder , pipe die head ,vacuum calibrating tank , haul-off device , cutter , stack unit and so forth . the pace controller of extruder and haul-off device is overseas DC Pace Regulator or AC inverter , the vacuum pump and the motor adopt the CZPT manufacturer at residence and abroad . The haul-off device has two caterpillars , three caterpillars , four caterpillars , five caterpillars , six caterpillars , eight two caterpillars and so on . The cutter could be the noticed blade reducing or the world chopping . it is additionally outfitted with automatically measuring meter . The edge of the strains is the reputable performance and substantial manufacturing effectiveness.

In accordance to the necessity of the consumers , our business can equip some components , then the line can make the unique installation for the manufacture of the ( U & PVC ) silencing drain pipe with Hollow Wall Internal Spiral-ribbing and the PVC-U pipes with foaming main.

Spiral drain pipe UPVC has a series of edge , Such as removing sound , improving movement , enhancing stiffness and simplifying set up , and widely utilized in development drainage , particularly for residence building.

In accordance to the prerequisite of the consumers , select the double-pipe die head extrusion  it can save vitality , reduce the expense of worker and substance , increase the generation effectiveness , and lessen the region of the traces.

CZPT composition:

The complete PVC pipe  machine includes the beneath equipment:
1.CZPT feeder
three. Extrusion Mold
4. CZPT Tank
5. Haul Off CZPT
6.Chopping CZPT

Euipment demonstrate:

2.Vaccum dimension tank

three.Haul off device

four.Cutting device


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Extrusion Machine to Make PVC Water Pipe