Factory Price Full Automatic Fish Feed Machine Plant

Factory Price Full Automatic Fish Feed Machine Plant

Merchandise Description
Pet foodstuff is plant or animal content meant for use by dogs or other canines. The pet foodstuff is close

to the human beings meals in the good level, the health index and the nutritional elements, some of them request

far more hugely than human beings. In extruder, the substances are cooked under extreme heat and stress as it

moves towards the open up finish of the extruder exactly where substances move via a shaping die and knife. Dog foodstuff

is dried in a multi-move dryer until its humidity material is reduced adequate to make it shelf steady. Pet food might

go by way of a coating drum the place animal excess fat and natural vitamins are utilized onto canine meals.

Model Set up Electricity Actual Power Output  Dimension
MT-65 81KW 53KW 150kg/h 21000*3000*3500mm
MT-70 115KW 76KW 200kg/h 23000*3000*3500mm
MT-eighty five 180KW 117KW 300kg/h 28000*3000*3500mm

Primary Functions
one. Uncooked materials: adopts wheat flour, corn flour as uncooked components

two. CZPT:This line can be used to generate distinct shapes of doritos by altering the moulds from

extruder, Also, It can produce snack foods .

3. Capability: 100kg/h, 200kg/h

four. Circulation chart:Mixing method—Extrusion technique—Drying method— Packing method

5. Voltage in China:Three phases: 380V/50Hz, Single period: 220V/50Hz, we can make it in accordance to customers’ Local voltage according to distinct nations

six. CZPTs CZPT:

seven.CZPT Substance: CZPT Metal #304, thickness:1.2mm

eight.Principal Motor: Siemens China manufacturer

9.Primary CZPTtric components: Siemens or CHNT brand

ten.CZPT: Delta brand 


Detailed Images

70 Kind Double CZPT Extruder machine                                                                            Output:150-200kg/h/established

Main motor energy: 30kw                                                                                                        Feeding motor:.75kw

Chopping motor:1.1kw                                                                                                                   Water pump:.37kw

Heating power:14kw                                                                                                               CZPT duration:1510mm

The feeding hopper contact merchandise with SS201

Dimension: 3000 x 850 x 2200mm

Purpose: This equipment can be used to extrude the raw material to various shape of food.The One-screw

extruder is manufactured of the feeding technique, extruding program, chopping program, heating method, transmission technique,

Vacuum Pump program, CZPT system and controlling method. We will feed the content from the feeding

equipment and get the tissue condition by high pressure extruding the materials and the machine barrel should be with

drinking water cooling method to manage well the doing work temperature to make the goods unpuffing.

Seven layers 8M fuel/diesel dryer machine                                                             Drying temperature:60-70ºC

Drying time:2-3hours                                                                                                Humidity:eighty-85% preserve inside 

Voltage : 380V, 50Hz                                                                                                   Belt electricity:2.2kwX2=4.4kw

Air Admirer Electrical power:1.1kwX6=6.6kw                                                                                 Hot air circulation electricity:3kw

power:.37kwX3=1.11kw                                                                                                Burner:BTG-28Maximum

temperature:110degree                                                                                     Dimension :8000X3000X3100mm

Substance :contact merchandise with SS201

The oven is utilized to dry the products. The moister in the foods which arrive out of the extruder is about 30-35%.

With the dry of the dryer, the moister can get down below sixteen% and this is easy to be storage for lengthy time.

There are heating technique and convey program. Often there is also blower listed here in purchase to dry the foods fast

in accordance to the situation. The heating way is utilizing burning gasoline. The hot air by means of the huge air enthusiast to go into the

downstairs pipes and distribute, the moister can be taken out of the foods. There are seven levels belt in the

convey method and this can conserve room.   The belt is pushed by the chain although the motor are pushed by the

transducer, so this is functioning constant.   Heating: by Fuel burning, use amount: eight-10m3/h

The burner is automatic working, after the temperature reaches the placing temperature, it will quit burning and

when the temperature not very same as the environment one, it will open up automatically, efficiency, risk-free and conserving strength

Operate store of MT

Our partner

Packing and transport

one.What your machine guarantee ?

One calendar year , primary elements warranty time will be one several years .

two.Do you supply spare parts ?

Yes , we provide spare areas with resonable cost .

three.What can you provide for after sale services ?

We can send out engineers to your manufacturing facility for installaion and coaching if customers’ reuired .

four.If we demonstrate you our structure of manufacturing unit , can you support to style the entire method line dependent on your real predicament.

5.How can we speak to you if we satisfy difficulties during creation ?

6.If we have samples of new products , can you help to examination and layout the equipment ?

Yes , our complex department can assist examination , style and test the new products you presented .


Factory Price Full Automatic Fish Feed Machine Plant