Good Quality Two Stage Mini Rotary Vane Pump Using Oil for Air Removal

Good Quality Two Stage Mini Rotary Vane Pump Using Oil for Air Removal

Great quality two stage mini rotary vane pump making use of oil for air removing

Software of vacuum pump for autoclave

2XZ series vacuum pump for autoclave is 1 of the basic tools to pump gas, can be utilized on your own, also can be utilised with a booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump and other extremely-large vacuum pump linked collectively as a backing pump, widely used in digital devices producing, vacuum drying oven, filtration, impregnation, coating, welding, smelting and laboratory equipment.

Features of vacuum pump for autoclave

2XZ vacuum pump for autoclave with a modest size, mild weight, minimal sounds, easy to begin and so on. In addition, there are actions to prevent oil return (2XZ-eight) and steps to stop contamination of the site with oil seals.
one. It can be a different position, can also be utilised as numerous kinds of substantial-vacuum program of the pre-pump and pre-pump.
2. The inlet constant open air procedure, shall not exceed a few minutes.
3. The pump does not implement to the extraction of metallic corrosive, the chemical reaction of the oil from the pump, made up of dust particles of gasoline to the body oxygen is too high, there is explosive gasoline.
four. The pump has to be utilised for compression pump or pump.
five. Operating setting: temperature five ºC -forty ºC variety, the relative temperature is not increased than ninety%, inlet pressure considerably less than 1333Pa beneath the problems allow long-expression steady operation.
6. The set up of the power provide, in accordance to the provisions of the motor tag wiring, motor rotation need to be mentioned that the direction of the arrow on the bearing the very same path.
seven. Ongoing pumping container pipe, the diameter must not be significantly less than the pump inlet diameter, and the pipe ought to be brief and much less elbow, even though spending interest to pipeline leakage.
8. Before every start focusing on the oil stage to cease the pump oil to the oil CZPT glass diameter of four/five top is acceptable.

CZPT technical specs of chemical vacuum pump for autoclave

Product 2XZ-.5 2XZ-1 2XZ-two 2XZ-four 2XZ-eight 2XZ-fifteen
Pumping charge(L/S) .5 one two four eight 15
Intense Strain(Pa) six.*ten-two 6.*10-2 six.*10-two 6.*10-two six.*10-2 six.*ten-2
CZPT pace(rpm) 1440 1440 1440 1440 1410 1420
Power(w) one hundred eighty 250 370 550 1100 1500
Suction diameter(mm) sixteen 16 twenty five 25 40 4

Associated CZPT

Other types of vacuum pump for you to decide on: diaphragm vacuum pump and drinking water vacuum pump
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Good Quality Two Stage Mini Rotary Vane Pump Using Oil for Air Removal