Granule Vacuum Feeding Loading Machine

Granule Vacuum Feeding Loading Machine


Product ZKS Vacuum loading machine is specifically developed for feeding granules and powder to the hopper of larger position equipment, these kinds of as for packing equipment, injection moulding machine, pulverizer, vibration sifter and etc. Also the vacuum loading equipment can feeding powders into mixing machine(this sort of as V blender, rocking mixer, 3D mixer, ribbon blender, double cone blender and and so forth). So it help save labor and also cost, in the meantime the difficulty of dust is solved when feeding powder.


It is composed of stainless metal content suction nozzle, feeding gentle pipe, vacuum hopper, PE(stainless metal 316L) filter, compressed air reverse-blowing system, vacuum pump(oil and h2o totally free) and content level automated controller and etc.
Utilizing the vortex vacuum pump, the feeding nozzle and the whole system lie in the vacuum problem. Powder jointly with the air is absorbed into the nozzle, forming the feeding air present which go through feeding pipe to the hopper.
There occurs the separation between air and feeding material. The divided components enter the getting gear.


                        two stage vortex air pump(two stage Gas ring vacuum pump) 
                                                       Used for ZKS-4

                                                               ZKS-six with roots blower 

Design Motor powder(kw) feeding capacity(kg/h)
ZKS-one one.5 400
ZKS-2 two.2 600
ZKS-3 3 1200
ZKS-four five.5 2000
ZKS-5 four 3000
ZKS-6 five.5 4000
ZKS-7 5.five 6000

Granule Vacuum Feeding Loading Machine