High Speed Capacity Pulp Egg Tray Molding Machinery Production Line

High Speed Capacity Pulp Egg Tray Molding Machinery Production Line

Substantial pace Potential Pulp Egg Tray molding CZPTry Manufacturing Line


Egg tray machine now is widely used in pulp molding items production, the raw materials is waste paper like Newspaper, Carton, Paper box, Books, Corrugated paper and so on. 
The raw content goes into the pulping method, mixing with drinking water, turn out to be the paper pulp.
And then the paper pulp will be despatched into the egg tray forming equipment by a pump, the egg tray forming machine will make the
egg trays utilizing vacuum forming theory.

The egg tray that coming out from the forming equipment is soaked, so the forming method requirements to be geared up with the drying system.
If the output of egg tray is much less than one thousand pieces for every hour, and the temperature is excellent adequate, we recommend the handbook procedure type forming machine and sunshine drying method, this can lessen the expense of gear expenditure. If the climate is not enough to dry the egg trays easily, or the output of the device is far more than a thousand pcs/h, we suggest the computerized drying method,

This egg tray drying program making use of different gas to dry the egg trays automatically, as for the fuel options, there is like CZPT fuel/LNG/LPG, diesel, weighty oil, wooden, coal, electric.
Soon after drying, the egg trays can be piled up by computerized stacker, and then the workers can package deal the egg trays by plastic bags.




1.What does your factory generate?

We make all varieties of pulp molding machine including egg tray equipment, egg carton

device, fruit tray device, bottle tray equipment, paper shoe stretcher mahicne,

seedling tray equipment, industrial internal bundle device and so forth..

2.Which variety of merchandise can this machine make?

The machine can create egg tray, egg box, egg carton, fruit tray and bottle

tray and so on. If you want to make other paper industrial deals, we

can customise the mould according to your need.

three.What capacity per hour do you offer you ?

Our machines’ potential is from 1000pcs/hr to 6000pcs/hr.

four.Can I customize the machine?

Sure ,we supply custom-produced support to you, you just need to provide us some samples,

or some information and so forth.

5.Do you have gurantee on your merchandise?

A:We promise twelve months for the maintance and repairement of the forming equipment.

6.How to set up?

Supplier should appoint 2 engineers to instruct customer in installation,take a look at-run and education



High Speed Capacity Pulp Egg Tray Molding Machinery Production Line