Hot Sale My-880 High Quality Melt Blown Fabric Machine

Hot Sale My-880 High Quality Melt Blown Fabric Machine

BFE99 PP CZPTblown Nonwoven Cloth Making CZPT Creation Line for health-related use
Very good good quality meltblown nonwoven cloth making machine 800mm 600kg/day

HangZhou Ningwei CZPT and CZPT Co., Ltd. is a factory committed to research and manufacturing PP meltblown nonwoven cloth manufacturing line. Our organization has acquired CE certification and SGS certification.

Characteristics of MY-880 meltblown nonwoven machine:

1. Quite handy to set up and work. The generation line does not need complex installation approach, only requirements straightforward assembly to use.

two.Larger production potential. The model is capable to get 600kg/day production potential stably.

three. Higher output high quality. The meltblown cloth made by this device is in total compliance with China’s N95 production CZPT, it can make cloth up to BFE95 and BFE99.

four. This model is designed from our third-era product, has been examined and approved by many domestic and overseas users.

Introduction to the structure of the manufacturing line

Entirely computerized feeding→melt metering pump→melt filtration→spray plate assembly→receiving network→electrostatic electret 1→electrostatic electret 2→ on-line slitting → online winding

Generation approach demonstration

CZPTpropylene pellet feedstocks are divided into a single-part and two-element.

A. Solitary-element uncooked supplies are raw materials without having adding any additives.
B. Two-component feedstock divided into polypropylene (pp) pellets + electret masterbatch

The principal function of the electret masterbatch is to focus and store static electrical energy to attain the absorption of fine dust particles.
 The heating component of the equipment is: extrusion technique, soften metering pump, soften nozzle and very hot air compressed air.
 This machine should be operated by a professional captain, non-captain you should do not begin the machine, to ensure risk-free generation.

Specification of the production line

Dimensions 10.6m L* 2m W*two.8m H   Conveyor speed 4-20m/min
Weight About one.five tons Operator require two / set
Electricity 380VAC Successful width 800mm
Electricity rate 180kW Bodyweight assortment fifteen-80g /m2
Generation potential 500kg-600kg / day BFE amount of fabric ≥95%

CZPTmer Feeding

The machine is equipped with an computerized vacuum suction and feeding unit, the polymer is normally manufactured into little spherical and granular slices, the vacuum is opened, the material can be fed into the extruder equipped hopper. If the content in the hopper is minimal, fill the hopper right away, in any other case the materials will be damaged and the meltblown cloth will at some point grow to be thin or not mesh.

CZPT extrusion

In the feed conclude of the screw extruder, the polymer slices and additives and other needed raw resources, right after full mixing into the screw extruder, heating into a melt, shell out attention to the heating temperature should be altered in accordance to the attributes of the raw resources, can be established in accordance to the parameters recommended by the producers, or can be modified according to the real production specifications, so that the concluded product can fulfill the needs of use.

Fibre formation

The filtered cleanse soften need to move by means of the filter screen, and then evenly fed into the spinneret, so that the extrusion quantity of each spinneret gap is the exact same, if the sum of spout is significantly decreased or can not reach the normal extrusion sum, it is essential to cease and examine whether there is a fault, examine whether the filter screen is blocked or not, and instantly get rid of the difficulty so as not to hurt the extrusion products. When getting rid of the problem of the extruder, you can check out the filter plate of the spinneret, you can observe whether the holes on the filter plate can not circulation effectively the soften of debris there. The fibers are extruded by aspect winds that pull the soften out of the spinneret holes and then cooled to sort fibers.

CZPTtrostatic discharge

PM2.5 particles are isolated in two approaches: mechanical blocking and electrostatic adsorption. Amongst them, mechanical blocking is the use of mask fiber filtration content its very own small pore space to block the invasion of micro organism and viruses, this mechanical blocking effect on the particle size of significantly less than 1μm particles filtering result is extremely inadequate, can not enjoy a purifying role. For that reason, bettering the filtration performance of the mask meltblown filter media can be accomplished by growing the electrostatic adsorption potential of the mask. To enhance the electrostatic adsorption potential of the mask, meltblown nonwoven filter content is necessary for electropole treatment method. The electret remedy will provide a large volume of electrostatic cost to the fiber area, utilizing electrostatic adsorption to seize fine particles, can boost the filtration effectiveness, and does not increase breathing resistance.

Slitting and winding

At the end of the line there is winding gear. Reduce and wind the formed meltblown nonwoven fabric to the dimensions necessary for packaging. The winding has a tension management unit that keeps the winding in a stable point out at all occasions. The distance among the cutters is the width of the nonwoven fabric. The distance amongst the cutters can be modified according to the generation wants and the number of cutters can be arranged.

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Hot Sale My-880 High Quality Melt Blown Fabric Machine