HVAC System Water Treatment Chemicals Injection Molding Cooling Tower

HVAC System Water Treatment Chemicals Injection Molding Cooling Tower

Functioning Basic principle

The hot h2o is pumped through the drinking water pump to pressurize the standby ring water into the cooling h2o seeding method.Dry the wine evenly on the filler through holes in the seeding pipe

Underneath the motion of the supporter, the air enters into the tower from the bottom into the air network to trade hot h2o with air. Fall into the chassis and run by way of the drinking water pump to the heat source for recycling

1. optimization of structure modelling shape size is tiny substantial and reduced igh excess weight, and four weeks of th
wind, significantly less restricted by beautify venues.
2 the tower entire body Utilizes the large energy of FR composite materials product an, antiaging, corrosion
resistance, ne deformation not pale,
three. all mctal components manufacturcd thickened just materia and galvanized or painted anticorrosive
four. the water tower adopts the automated rotating sprinkler, can evenly spray the water to the each corner of
the packing, corrosion resistant, non clogging, higher efficiency

Fat (kg)


L W H H1 H2 Web Working
LYR-100L/S 1790 3300 3700 2300 seven hundred a hundred 1470 two 995 1610 fifty eight.5
LYR-125L/S 2360 3600 3700 2300 seven-hundred one hundred twenty five 1800 5 1100 2620 59.5
LYR-150L/S 2650 3900 3700 2300 700 a hundred and fifty 2100 5 1230 2830 60.five
LYR-175L/S 2650 3900 3700 2300 seven-hundred one hundred seventy five 2100 7.five 1350 3150 60.five
LYR-200L/S 3090 4300 3700 2300 700 200 2400 seven.five 1490 3580 sixty one.5
LYR-225L/S 2900 4990 4080 2680 seven hundred 225 2400 7.five 1650 3470 61.5
LYR-250L/S 3150 4990 4080 2680 seven-hundred 250 2400 ten 2320 4520 sixty two.
LYR-300L/S 3500 5590 4080 2680 seven-hundred three hundred 3000 fifteen 2520 5580 sixty two.five
LYR-350L/S 3600 5590 4080 2680 seven-hundred 350 3000 15 2790 5920 63.
LYR-400L/S 3840 5930 4230 2680 850 four hundred 3330 fifteen 3190 6630 63.5
LYR-450L/S 4090 5930 4230 2680 850 450 3330 20 3600 7290 63.eight
LYR-500L/S 4350 6080 4850 3300 850 500 3330 twenty 4200 8150 sixty four.two
LYR-600L/S 4650 6400 4850 3300 850 600 3700 twenty five 4620 8960 65.
LYR-700L/S 4950 6400 5450 3900 850 seven-hundred 3700 thirty 5040 9610 sixty six.5
LYR-800L/S 5250 6900 5500 3900 900 800 4200 thirty 5620 1571 sixty seven.

Traits of shut-variety cooling tower components

1. Admirer
The air flow technique adopts the particular aluminum alloy axial supporter for cooling tower, the composition style of the entrance tilting kind wind vane, the streamline inlet breeze basic, the wind resistance is modest, the air quantity is huge, the sound is minimal, the efficiency is excellent, the efficiency is high. No belt drive structure, minimizing the transmission factors, and the use of totally enclosed self-cooling reduced-noise cooling tower dedicated motor, with small dimensions, gentle excess weight, very good starting functionality, reputable procedure, resilient and so on.

2. Spray technique
The use of shut-variety cooling tower devoted pump, its large circulation, minimal head, higher performance, reduced sounds, little electrical power, evaporative condenser dedicated pump, the implementation of the CZPT in accordance to SC4210 implementation. Pump motor voltage 380V, security course IP55, insulation Course F class.

three. Fille
The particular design and style of the PNC Bee-variety cross-stream, shortcut to the wind framework, so that the air can rapidly get absent the warmth in the h2o, a distinctive filler stream, so that the water circulation in the filler floor can kind a massive area of the stream of h2o movie, lengthen the cooling time of the drinking water in the filler, boost the water cooling result. It has the rewards of tiny wind resistance coefficient, anti-getting older, not effortless deformation, and so forth.

4. Drinking water distribution Program
The use of closed-kind cooling tower dedicated pump, its high flow, low head result, reduced sounds, little electrical power, evaporative condenser committed pump, the implementation of the CZPT according to JS-C4210 implementation. Pump motor voltage 380V, security course 1p55, insulation class F course

five. Circulatory method
Circulating water pump employing shut cooling tower devoted pipe pump, overall performance secure low sound, motor protection course P5 insulation grade lower, circulating water tank making use of SUS304 materials stainless metal plate, stamping molding, gorgeous visual appeal, robust force resistance

CZPT tower apps
For medium frequency, large frequency electrical power supply cooling
For medium-frequency quenching workpiece, if quenching liquid cooling
For vacuum heating, vacuum sintering, vacuum welding, vacuum melting furnace
For cooling of CZPTs
For central air Conditioning
For cooling of water-cooled screw machine and plate trade
For screw machines and other gear

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HVAC System Water Treatment Chemicals Injection Molding Cooling Tower