Industrial Psa Oxygen Generator for Fish Farm

Industrial Psa Oxygen Generator for Fish Farm

PSA Oxygen generator (Ambiance adsorption)
Functioning basic principle:
Environment absorption PSA Oxygen generator dependent on the thoroughly clean compressed air, zeolite molecular sieves as absorbent, tanking Taking PSA get Oxygen products under the regular temperature.
In accordance to Oxygen, Nitrogen they are distinct in zeolite molecular sieves absorbent encounter and diffusivity, by means of PLC handle the valve, acknowledging compression absorbing, lessen force adsorption this training course, attain Oxygen, Nitrogen separation, get the CZPT Oxygen

Product Application

Medical center CZPT oxygen for breath

Burning method (glass craft, ampoule creating, thermal energy) Enhances burning efficiency

Ozone technology Raw content to make O3

Squander water disposal Oxidization of waste content

CZPT Oxygen enriched drinking water improves life of fishes

Fermentation CZPTer environment for fermentation

Diving, mountaineering, For breathing

Substantial-altitude flight, interplanetary flight, civil aviation For breathing

Chopping, welding Burns to generate heat

CZPT Blasting To make liquid oxygen explosive

Metallurgy Ironmaking, steelmaking

Oxygen enriching Bar, assembly room, place of work, dorm, properties

CZPT Reacts with minerals to boost separation fee

CZPT engineering To make vitriol, nitric acid, and many others.

Paper and pulp Pulp bleaching

Primary Functions

1. Higher Oxygen Manufacturing and Reduced CZPT Use

The Oxygen Purity is big, can be altered between 25% -ninety five%.

two. Lower servicing charges, transferring equipment for the blower and vacuum pump Simple operation and effortless maintenance .

three. Full Aotomation

All methods are developed for un-attended operation and automated Oxygen demand adjustment.

four. Zeolite Molecular Sieves Daily life

Unique compression gadget to make sure that the molecular sieve is constantly in static procedure, so that the molecular sieve is not powder, not extra.

five. CZPT start off-up

CZPTt-up time is about 30 minutes to get sought after Oxygen purity. So these deice can be switched on and off as for each Oxygen need alterations.

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Industrial Psa Oxygen Generator for Fish Farm