Kowel Vacuum Pump

Kowel Vacuum Pump

Neovac S Series&colon
Large trustworthiness proved in a variety of of sector field
· Optimized screw rotor and shorter gas move
· Drinking water cooled sort motor
  – Adopted Water cooled variety motor and solved the primary issue of air cooled
    type motor which had sounds and solved the issue of flying the dust in all
    directions nicely&time period
· Straightforward to transfer and operate
  – Straightforward to go and perform with moveable type
  – Simple to run with the separation sort of handle panel&comma straightforward to adhere to
    the controller on all positions and accessible to function on the distant&time period
· Soundproofing panel
  – Accessible to use indoors by lowering the sound and adopting the visible
    design panel&period
  – Qualified top quality and reliability in the subject of flat screen and semi-conductor
· Modest and affordable vacuum pump
· Little Footprint and simple procedure
· Improved displacement

Items SS120 SS200 SS300 SS600W
Product Mech&comma Booster SSB600
Dry V&solP SS120 SS200 SS300 S120
Nominal Displacement 60Hz&lpar50Hz&rpar&comma&solHr 120&lpar100&rpar 187&lpar155&rpar 320&lpar267&rpar 660&lpar568&rpar
Final Force &lparTorr&solPa&rpar &period005 &period005&sol0&period67 &period005&sol0&period67 &period0007&sol0&period093
Rotation 60Hz&lpar50Hz&rpar&commarpm 3500&lpar2900&rpar 3500&lpar2900&rpar 3500&lpar2900&rpar 3500&lpar2900&rpar
Sound&comma dB <65 <65 <65 <65
Motor&comma KW 4 4 seven&period5 eight
Energy Usage&comma KW 2&period5 3 5 3&period2
N2 Purge&comma sim Cleanse
Severe ~fifty ~fifty ~50 ~fifty
CZPT Drinking water&comma l &solmin 2 2 seven 3
Oil&comma l &period5 &period5 1&period6 one&period5
Port Dimensions &lparSuction&solDischarge&rpar NW50&solNW40 NW50&solNW40 NW50&solNW40 ISO100&solNW40
Weight&lparPump Only&rpar&comma Kg 140 one hundred forty 300 360
Dimension&lparL × W × H&rpar&commamm 890×390×828


Objects SS1200W SS1800W SS3000W SS5000W
Design Mech&comma Booster SSB1200 SSB1800 SSB3000 SSB5000
Dry V&solP S120 SS200 KDPH800 KDPH800
Nominal Displacement 60Hz&lpar50Hz&rpar&comma&solHr 1200&lpar1000&rpar 1800&lpar1500&rpar 3000&lpar2500&rpar 5000&lpar4166&rpar
Greatest Strain &lparTorr&solPa&rpar &period0007&sol0&period093 &period0007&sol0&period093 &period0007&sol0&period093 &period0007&sol0&period093
Rotation 60Hz&lpar50Hz&rpar&commarpm 3500&lpar2900&rpar 3500&lpar2900&rpar 3500&lpar3500&rpar 3500&lpar3500&rpar
Noise&comma dB <65 <65 <65 <65
Motor&comma KW 8 eight fifteen 52
Electrical power Intake&comma KW 3&period8 4&period7
N2 Purge&comma sim Clear
Severe ~50 ~fifty ~fifty ~fifty
CZPT Drinking water&comma l &solmin three three&period5 two&period4 35
Oil&comma l one&period5 2&period2 two&period2 ten
Port Measurement &lparSuction&solDischarge&rpar ISO100&solNW40 ISO160&solNW40 ISO200&solISO63 ISO320&solISO80
Weight&lparPump Only&rpar&comma Kg 390 480 970 2100
Dimension&lparL × W × H&rpar&commamm 850×390×858 940×520×1000 1270×590×1120 1270×590×1120

KB Series CZPT Booster&colon
· Offering faster pumping velocity and greater vacuum pressure
· Proved trustworthiness to extensive common industry
· CZPT&comma CZPT&comma Semi conductor&comma electric power&comma foodstuff producing and many others&time period
· Reduce noise
· Relevant to use numerous kind of coating to enhance inner abrasion and hardness&period of time

objects Unit KB600 KB1200 KB1800 KB2400 KB3000 KB5000
Nominal Displacement
&solHr 765&lpar917&rpar 1571&lpar1220&rpar 1700&lpar2039&rpar 2156&lpar2587&rpar 2832&lpar3398&rpar 5098&lpar6117&rpar
Successful Pumping
Velocity at &period5 torr&lpar60Hz&rpar
&solHr 680 900 1350 1713 Make contact with Kowel Make contact with Kowel
Supreme Pressure with
One Phase Backing Pump
&period0007 &lpar0&period093&rpar &period0007
Motor Power KW four 4 4 7&period5 7&period5 fifteen
Suction&solDischarge Flange ISO-DN one hundred one hundred 160 160 two hundred 320
Oil Ability l one one one&period7 1&period7 1&period7 6&period5
 Weight Kg ninety one hundred 217 261 308 657

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Kowel Vacuum Pump