Multi Disc Screw Press Small Vacuum Filter Sludge Dewatering Machine

Multi Disc Screw Press Small Vacuum Filter Sludge Dewatering Machine

HangZhou Pioniere CZPTal CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd.

CZPT push sludge dewatering gear (XF collection) is a new type of sewage treatment facility created by Pioniere. It makes use of multilaminated filter and spiral rotation to individual moisture from sludge. Benefiting by the special structure of fastened rings and shifting rings, it enables steady automated procedure in 24 several hours with no blocking. And our equipment are aggressive in existing market place for more than 6 years’ encounter and CE certification.

♦ Minimal cost procedure

♦ CZPT, h2o, polymer conserving

♦ Compact layout, tiny ground space

♦ Self-cleansing, cost-free of clogging, easy to handle oily sludge

♦ 24h automated ongoing manage, straightforward operation and servicing

   Conserve Funds!!!!!!

Product Specifics

Operating Principle

As equipment starts running, sludge flows into the filter cylinder and moves forward to sludge cake outlet under the thrust from screwshaft. The whole filter cylinder is composed of fixed rings, shifting rings and shaft. The initial two sections are thickening zone, final two are dewatering zone, The place among screw blades receives far more and a lot more narrower, which means the inner stress progressively will get larger. Underneath this pressure, liquid is squeezed out from the sludge and leaks from the small gaps in between rings. And the still left dry solid is pushed to the sludge cake outlet.


DS CZPT potential (kg/h) Sludge Quantity (m³/h)
Concentration Reduced~Substantial 2000mg/L 5000mg/L 10000mg/L 20000mg/L 25000mg/L 50000mg/L
XF one zero one three 5 ~1.5 ~.six ~.5 ~.twenty five ~.two ~.1
XF 131 6 10 ~three ~1.two ~one ~.5 ~.four ~.2
XF 132 twelve twenty ~six ~two.4 ~2 ~one ~.8 ~.four
XF 202 eighteen 30 ~9 ~3.6 ~3 ~one.five ~1.two ~.6
XF 301 30 50 ~fifteen ~6 ~five ~2.5 ~two ~1
XF 302 sixty a hundred ~thirty ~twelve ~ten ~5 ~4 ~2
XF 303 90 150 ~forty five ~eighteen ~15 ~7.five ~six ~3
XF 352 one hundred twenty two hundred ~sixty ~24 ~twenty ~10 ~eight ~four
XF 353 180 300 ~90 ~36 ~30 ~15 ~12 ~six
XF 403 270 450 ~one hundred thirty five ~fifty four ~45 ~22 ~18 ~nine
XF 404 360 600 ~180 ~72 ~sixty ~thirty ~24 ~12


XF a hundred and one 1816 756 1040 .2 190
XF 131 1969 756 1040 .two 205
XF 132 2069 910 1040 .three 275
XF 202 2500 935 1270 .eight 470
XF 301 3255 985 1600 .eight 820
XF 302 3455 1295 1600 one.two 1350
XF 303 3605 1690 1600 one.95 1820
XF 352 4140 1550 2250 3.seventy five 2450
XF 353 4420 2100 2250 6. 3350
XF 403 5150 2350 2250 6. 4950
XF 404 5350 2850 2550 eight.2 5250

Project reference

Sludge kind: Dairy farm sludge
Location: CZPTica
CZPT push : XF-303
CZPTmer dosing machine : PJY-4000


Sludge variety: Swine farm sludge
Location: CZPTica
CZPT press : XF-352
CZPTmer dosing machine : PJY-a thousand

About us

HangZhou Pioniere, established in 2012, is specialized in producing, establishing and advertising of multi-disc sludge dewatering tools and connected wastewater therapy program. With the spirit “High CZPT, CZPT Services”, and towards robust technological drive, refined gear, prompt and thorough provider, we believe we can be your ideal prolonged-phrase cooperator.

Spare Areas


Product variety: Sludge kind, sludge quantity, solid content and day-to-day runtime of machine are required.

Raw substance: SS304 or SS316 (according to various sludge types,sludge containing significantly chloride ion needs SS316).

CZPTr: We have our own workshop so that greatest quality and most affordable value can be supplied for you.

Corollary equipments: Sludge pump and polymer dosing pump are utilized with each other with screw press.

Customization: Custom made-created is offered.

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Multi Disc Screw Press Small Vacuum Filter Sludge Dewatering Machine