Pneumatic Clutch 15000

Pneumatic Clutch 15000

pneumatic clutch

ZQL type axial pneumatic clutch is a patented product to replace the manual clutch. It is compact in structure and light in bodyweight, and can be directly mounted on the input shaft of the reducer or the shaft extension of the motor. The working system can remotely manage the system. Now the torque transmission of 650, 2700, 5900, 8500, 12000, 13000, 16500, 19500 of the 8 models of practically a hundred specs, the CZPT JZQ reducer and other non-CZPT gearbox can be right matched. The transmission mechanism is broadly utilised in oil drilling, Yu Jiancai, forging machine, fishing and other machinery sector in.

   ZQL axial pneumatic clutch has two types: diaphragm sort and piston kind. WJ diaphragm clutch has the positive aspects of compact construction, mild excess weight and minimal inertia. It has the rewards of good sealing performance, delicate action, fast clutch and so on. WH piston clutch has the traits of high torque and big put on payment to the friction plate.

   Our company for the use of brick and tile sector pneumatic clutch, the advancement of a new era of pneumatic clutch, it inherits the aged design of clutch torque, reflect the positive aspects of rapid, make up for the old variety clutch dismounting cumbersome and inadequate warmth dissipation and other flaws, significantly strengthening the dependability and support daily life of the clutch.

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Pneumatic Clutch 15000