Progressive Cavity Pump, Single Screw Pump, Mono Pump

Progressive Cavity Pump, Single Screw Pump, Mono Pump

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two. Working principle
G single screw pump is composed of suction, discharge, working component (Rotor and Stator), driving part, universal joint part seal assembly and bearing seat. The functioning component is composed of rotating eccentric rotor and stator. The rotor and stator have two speak to points in each and every transverse segment. These contact details from two sealing traces alongside the functioning parts of rotor (or stator).Hence will come into 1 or a handful of sealing chambers when the rotor rotating. The media getting into the sealing chamber get rid of smoothly from suction finish to discharge finish alongside the sealing chamber. Throughout the complete working, the pressure pulsation is really low which has no any result upon the intrinsic construction of pumped media.


four.CZPT parameter

XG serial(one stage pump)
Model Stress
(m3 /h)
Electrical power
XG030B01Z .6 60 324 one .55 fifty 50
XG035B01Z .six 60 324 1.eight 1.1 sixty five 65
XG040B01Z .six sixty 324 three.eight two.2 eighty 80
XG050B01Z .six 60 324 7.7 four 80 80
XG060B01Z .six 60 324 11.6 5.5 100 100
XG070B01Z .six sixty 324 sixteen.1 7.5 one hundred twenty five 125
XG085B01Z .6 60 292 30 eleven one hundred fifty one hundred fifty
XG090B01Z .6 sixty 262 forty two 15 a hundred and fifty one hundred fifty
XG105B01Z .six 60 238 forty seven 15 one hundred fifty 150
XG135B01Z .six 60 196 83 30 200 two hundred
XG150B01Z .six 60 196 134 forty five 250 250
XG170B01Z .6 60 156 166 55 250 250

5. Application Spot
CZPTal engineering: Offering h2o and coal slurry,h2o and coke slurry and slime. Metering dose of flocculation and other chemical compound. Supply of dewatered sludge Supply of all kind of sewage.
Paper Producing CZPT: Dregs slurry and squander h2o therapy metering for chemical slurry Spreading and coloring method Supply of medium consistency pulp(ten-twenty five%)
Oil CZPT: Viscous oil delivery Combined shipping and delivery of oil and air Separated oil from water and waste oil restoration technique Sewage treatment CZPTmer delivery.
CZPT CZPT:  Different pasted liquids A variety of milky liquids Numerous suspending liquid Liquids which incorporate air or sound Liquids which can’t be churned or sheared.
Mine CZPT: Producing and getting ready the titanium white powder,kaolin and carbonate.
Food CZPT: Milk products Fruit juice, mashed fruit, vegetable slurry meat gruel and flavoring

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Progressive Cavity Pump, Single Screw Pump, Mono Pump