PU-Series Economy Electric Pumps Original Enerpac

PU-Series Economy Electric Pumps  Original Enerpac

1>. PU-Sequence, CZPT Financial system CZPTtric Pumps
Enerpac substantial stress hydraulic economy electrical pump is ideal suited to electrical power little to medium size cylinders or hydraulic tools.
Light-weight and compact design and style: eleven,eight to eighteen,six kg
Large simple-carry take care of for optimum portability
Two-speed pump procedure lowers cycle instances for enhanced productiveness
230 VAC fifty/sixty-cycle universal motor will work under poor voltage source
24 VAC distant motor manage, 3 m length for operator security
CZPTts underneath total load
Substantial toughness molded shroud, with integral take care of, protects electrical pump motor from contamination and damage.


Pump Type

(Used with

Strain Ranking Output Movement charge Valve Variety Excess weight
(bar) (l/min)
(litres) 1st phase 2nd phase 1st stage 2nd phase (kg)
1,9 PUD-1100E thirteen seven-hundred three,31 ,32 Dump ** 11,8
3,8 PUD-1101E 13 700 three,31 ,32 17,two
1,nine PUJ-1200E thirteen seven-hundred 3,31 ,32 3/2 manual ten,
three,eight PUJ-1201E thirteen seven-hundred 3,31 ,32 fifteen,four
1,nine PUD-1300E thirteen 700 three,31 ,32 three/two solenoid 12,
three,8 PUD-1301E 13 seven hundred 3,31 ,32 seventeen,five
1,nine PUJ-1400E thirteen seven hundred 3,31 ,32 four/3 manual thirteen,2
three,eight PUJ-1401E 13 700 3,31 ,32 18,six

2>.PE-Series, CZPT Submerged CZPTtric Pumps
Enerpac higher force hydraulic submerged electric pump is greatest suited to power small to medium measurement cylinders, hydraulic equipment or anytime a tranquil, intermittent responsibility cycle is essential.
Two-velocity pump operation decreases cycle times for improved efficiency
Powerful ,37 kW induction motor is submerged in the oil reservoir to run cooler, protect the motor, simplify the pump interface, help save room and reduce sounds
Massive 5,5 litres reservoir allows operation of a extensive variety of cylinders
24 VDC remote pendant management on specified versions for safer operation
Externally adjustable reduction valve permits control of operating stress with out opening the pump
40-micron inner return line filter keeps oil thoroughly clean, marketing lengthier pump lifestyle
Entire size aspect tube for easy checking of oil degree.

with Cylinder
Valve Operate Valve Type Usable Oil
Variety *
(litres) 230 VAC, one ph (kg)
Solitary-Acting Progress/Retract Dump five,5 PED-1101E 24,nine
Single-Acting Advance/Retract Guide, 3-way, two-place 5,five PEM-1201E 24,
Solitary-Acting Progress/Keep/Retract Guide, three-way, 3-position 5,5 PEM-1301E 24,
Double-Acting Progress/Keep/Retract Manual, four-way, three-place 5,five PEM-1401E 24,
One-Performing Advance/Maintain/Retract Solenoid, three-way, 3-placement five,5 For every-1301E 29,five
Double-Performing Progress/Maintain/Retract Solenoid, four-way, three-place five,5 Per-1401E 29,five
Solitary-Performing Progress/Retract Handbook, 3-way, 2-situation 5,five PEJ-1201E 24,nine
Single-Performing Progress/Keep/Retract Guide, 3-way, 3-position five,5 PEJ-1301E 24,9
Double-Acting Progress/Keep/Retract Manual, 4-way, 3-situation 5,five PEJ-1401E 24,nine
One-Performing Progress/Retract Handbook, three-way, two-placement five,five PES-1201E 28,one
Double-Acting Progress/Maintain/Retract Handbook, four-way, 3-situation five,five PES-1401E 28,one

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PU-Series Economy Electric Pumps  Original Enerpac