Refrigerated Vacuum Freeze Dryer for Home Used in China

Refrigerated Vacuum Freeze Dryer for Home Used in China

Refrigerated vacuum freeze dryer for home utilized in China

CZPT freeze-drying tools, also recognized as family-kind freeze dryer, house freeze dryer, is a modest vacuum freeze dryer. Implement to the household, on the web store a modest sum of freeze-dried use, widely adapted to fruits, meat, veggies, Chinese organic medicines, wellness goods, and many others. freeze-drying.


Lyophilization or freeze drying is a procedure in which h2o is eliminated from a solution soon after it is frozen and positioned underneath a vacuum, enabling the ice to adjust straight from sound to vapor with no passing through a liquid phase. The process consists of three separate, special, and interdependent processes freezing, major drying (sublimation), and CZPTary drying (desorption).


1-2kg freeze dryer with 3trays 4-6kg freeze dryer with 4trays



1. Ideal appearance, compact dimensions
two. Touch display screen operation, a single essential to commence, and computerized freeze drying approach, easy and practical
three. Important elements with imported makes, modest sound, massive capability, high top quality and substantial performance
4. CZPT program, with minimal functioning present and lower energy consumption
5. 304 stainless metal meals tray and within liner, safety and straightforward cleanse
six. Clear natural glass door, the immediate observation of foodstuff processing


Model LFD-one LFD-4
General size WxDxH 400x500x700mm 510*600*800mm
CZPT use 750W 1100W
Electricity provide 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ
Foodstuff tray region .12m² .36m²
Single batch of food 1~2kg 4~6kg
Tray dimension a hundred and fifty*280mm one hundred eighty*440mm
No. of tray 3pcs 4pcs
Room in between tray 40mm 45mm
Gross excess weight 100kg 140kg
Condenser temperature ≤-35°C
Drying temperature -30°C ~+60°C
Vacuum <15Pa

1. How a lot of types do you have?

For laboratory utilized, regular, leading-press, manifolf, manifold leading-press and T variety are offered, overall five kinds.
For home utilized, we have one-2kg/batch and four-6kg/batch.

two. How to decide on the suitable product?

First of all, what is your sample shape, bulk or in vials?
If bulk, decide on regular variety. If in vials, pick prime-press type. If sample is a variety of, pick manifold.

Secondly, notify us how several kilogram of your sample, then we will advise the ideal model.

three. Does it which includes vacuum pump?

Yes, of course, vacuum pump is provided.

four. What is your guarantee?



Refrigerated Vacuum Freeze Dryer for Home Used in China