Sanitary Stainless Steel Manual Diaphragm Valve

Sanitary Stainless Steel Manual Diaphragm Valve

                              CZPT CZPT Steel Handbook Diaphragm Valve

CZPT Datas

Valve Human body Content SS316L
Availably  size one”-three”,DN20-DN65 
Seal Substance PTFE + EPDM (double layer) / EPDM / SILICON / FPM (VITON)
Availably link Clamp/weld/thread/particular link
Operated Manual,CZPT
Max. Working Force 10Bar
Availably composition Straight, tee, U-variety, tank base
Max. Operating Temperature 120 degree C
Software scope Dairy,foods, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetic, and many others


  • Offered in useless fat or spring loaded design and style
  • CZPT acting, quick opening
  • Gas limited design
  • Option of materials as per the fluid medium.
  • CZPTally priced

when the valve is normally shut and there is vacuum in the tank, the vacuum piston inside the valve opens
immediately and attracts air into the tank. In return, this keeps the strain within and outdoors the tank balanced.
From the Pressure aspect, when the valve is generally closed and the tank force exceeds the rated stress
on the outside the house of the valve, the valve automatically opens and vents air  to atmosphere.



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Sanitary Stainless Steel Manual Diaphragm Valve