Single Cylinder Double-Function Piston Mud Pump

Single Cylinder Double-Function Piston Mud Pump

The mud-pump is one of the principal equipments for geological prospecting. Although main drilling, the pump materials the drilling hole with adequate quantity slurry or cleaning drinking water and makes it flow into in the drilling hole in buy to have the rock debris up to the ground, to make the base of the drilling gap thoroughly clean, to amazing and lubricate the drilling instruments, to defend the wall of the drilling hole and to help drilling faster. So the overall performance of mud-pump influences the efficiency of drilling and security in creation directly.

BW-one hundred sixty mud pump is a horizontal double-performing reciprocation solitary-cylinder piston pump,It is mostly utilized in seismic shot gap drilling properly drilling and bedrock drilling with engineering drilling rig.

Model No.: BW-one hundred sixty
Variety Horizontal single cylinder double action reciprocating piston pump
Cylinder diameter 95mm
Piston Stroke 85mm
frequency of stroke 165 times/min
Flow rate 160 L/min
Force one.3 mpa
Power input 5.88 kW 
Diameter of suction pipe 50mm 
Diameter of discharge pipe 40mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1110 x 725 x 965 mm
Excess weight 200 kg

BW Sequence Dimension Mud Pumps Obtainable:

BW-one hundred twenty, BW-a hundred forty five, BW-a hundred and fifty, BW150/1.five, BWZ-150, BW-160, BW160/10, BW-160H, BW-200, BW-250, BW-280/twelve, BW-280/thirty, BW300/12, BW-three hundred/12B, BW-three hundred/16, BW-320, BW-350/15, BW-450, BW-450/5, BW-600/ten, BW-800/fifteen, BW-1000/twelve, BW-1500/12, BW-2000/12, BW-2500/sixteen.

Horizontal Directional Drill Series Pumps:

BW-one hundred, BW-150GM, BWF-160/10, BWF-240, BW-250A, BWF-250, BW-320A, BWF-four hundred/10, BWF-600/ten.

Single Cylinder Double-Function Piston Mud Pump