Sk-1.5 Sk-3 Sk-6 Liquid Water Ring Vacuum Pump for Food-Related Industry

Sk-1.5 Sk-3 Sk-6 Liquid Water Ring Vacuum Pump for Food-Related Industry

SZ drinking water ring vacuum pumps

one. Operating principle of drinking water ring vacuum pumps:The impeller is mounted eccentrically with regard to the pump casing. When the impeller rotates, the drinking water eccentric with the impeller will be created, which will be stuffed with the drinking water in the center of the blade. The h2o in the center of the blade will transfer back again and forth periodically, and the volume in the center of the blade will be altered. Below the corresponding coordination of the fixed suction port and exhaust port, the suction compression and exhaust process will be accomplished, as a result forming a vacuu

 SZ series drinking water ring pumps main technical parameters

Model Maximum air volume
Final vacuum
Input power Kw Rotation rate
Supplementary water dosagem3/h Weight Kg
SZ-.five .five


1.five 2840 .23 28
SZ-1 one 2.2 2840 .23 32
SZ-2 two four. 2890 .forty five eighty
SZ-3 3 five.5 1440 .four a hundred twenty five

two.Outline size

Design A B C E L L1 L2 L3 D d H K
SZ-.5 eighty 140 one hundred eighty 255 445 250 a hundred 130 G1″ Rc1/2″ 194 10
SZ-one one hundred a hundred and forty a hundred and eighty 255 490 280 a hundred twenty five one hundred sixty G1″ Rc1/2″ 194 10
SZ-two one hundred ten 190 245 285 563 327 one hundred forty one hundred eighty G1″ Rc1/2″ 237 12
SZ-3 a hundred and sixty 216 280 360 630 360 140 200 G2″ Rc1/2″ 320 12

2BV sequence liquid(drinking water) ring vacuum pump is ideal for pump air with drinking water vapor, inspiratory stress can attain 33mbar absolute pressure (ninety seven% vacuum diploma). When the pump performs under the inspiratory strain is close to restrict vacuum (operate fluid saturation vapour force) for prolonged time, should connecting cavitation protecting tube, to safeguard the pump. When operate as the compressor, the best stress is up to .26 MPa (absolute strain).

As a new generation power-conserving goods, with its superb functionality and numerous benefits, 2BV series drinking water ring vacuum pumps will be entirely substitute SK, 2SK sequence drinking water ring vacuum pumps and W, WY, WL series reciprocating pump.

Item number Motor Energy


Pump velocity


Maximum quantity


Supreme vacuum
Inhalation diameter
Drainage route


2BV2060 .81 2880 .forty three 33 G1″ G1″
2BV2061 one.forty five 2880 .85 33 G1″ G1″
2BV2070 two.35 2850 1.33 33 G1’/two” G1’/two”
2BV2071 three.85 2850 1.83 33 G1’/2″ G1’/2″
2BV5110 4 1440 two.seventy five 33 DN50 DN50
2BV5111 5.five 1440 3.eighty three 33 DN50 DN50
2BV5121 seven.five 1440 4.sixty six 33 DN65 DN65
2BV5131 11 1440 6.sixty six 33 DN65 DN65
2BV5161 fifteen 970 eight.33 33 DN80 DN80


Sk-1.5 Sk-3 Sk-6 Liquid Water Ring Vacuum Pump for Food-Related Industry