Small Quiet Nitrogen Generator Oil Free Air Compressor

Small Quiet Nitrogen Generator Oil Free Air Compressor

Tranquil Nitrogen Generator oil cost-free CZPT 

Positive aspects:
Oil-much less Vacuum Pumps / Air CZPTs

PRANSCH oil-significantly less rocking piston pump and CZPT combines the very best qualities of traditional piston pumps(CZPT) and diaphragm pumps into modest units with superb functions.

  1. Mild bodyweight and quite moveable
  2. CZPT and around ZERO upkeep
  3. Thermal safety (a hundred thirty deg C)
  4. Energy twine with plug, 1m length
  5. Shock mount
  6. Silencer – muffler
  7. CZPT steel vacuum and force gauge, the two with oil damping
  8. Two stainless metal needle valves each and every with lock nut.
  9. All nickel plated fittings
  10. Power provide 230V, 50/60 Hz

This collection is ideal for use in applications in which oil-mist is unwanted. For illustrations, stress/vacuum filtration, air sampling, drinking water aeration, flame photometer, and many others.


Product Frequency Circulation Stress Power Velocity Existing Voltage Heat Audio Bodyweight Hole Installation Proportions
Hz L/min Kpa Kw Min-one A V 0 C db(A) Kg MM MM
PM200C 50 50 two hundred .12 1380 .45  210/235 5-forty 48 1.8  M5 L100xW74
sixty fifty eight 200 .13 1450 .90  110/one hundred twenty five five-40 forty eight 1.8  M5
PM300C 50 seventy five 300 .fifteen 1380 .76  210/235 five-forty forty five three.2  M6 L118xW70
60 90 three hundred .sixteen 1450 1.52  one hundred ten/one hundred twenty five five-forty 45 three.2  M6
PM550C fifty one hundred and five 600 .32 1380 one.50  210/235 five-forty 56 six.0  M6 L148xW83
sixty one hundred fifteen 600 .35 1450 three.00  110/125 5-forty fifty six 6.0  M6
PM1200C fifty a hundred and twenty three hundred .45 1380 one.70  210/235 5-40 58 7.6  M6 L203xW86
sixty a hundred forty five 300 .forty nine 1450 3.50  110/one hundred twenty five 5-40 fifty eight 7.6  M6
PM1400C fifty one hundred sixty 700 .forty five 1380 one.70  210/235 5-40 fifty eight eight.5  M6 L203xW86
sixty 180 seven-hundred .forty nine 1450 three.50  one hundred ten/one hundred twenty five 5-forty fifty eight eight.5  M6
PM2000C 50 230 800 .fifty five 1380 two.50  210/235 five-40 60 ten.0  M6 L203xW86
sixty 250 800 .60  1450 five.20  a hundred and ten/one hundred twenty five 5-forty sixty ten.0  M6
HP2400C fifty 240 900 .90  1380 3.30  210/235 5-forty 75 seventeen.0  M7 L246xW127
60 258 900 one.00  1450 six.80  110/a hundred twenty five five-40 75 17.0  M7
PM3000C fifty 250 1000 one.50  1380 four.20  210/235 five-forty 76 17.5  M7 L246xW127
60 270 one thousand one.70  1450 nine.00  110/one hundred twenty five five-forty seventy six 17.5  M7

Why use a Rocking Piston Product?

Pransch oilless Rocking Piston CZPTs and vacuum pumps, offered in single, twin, miniature, and tankmounted
types, are the best choice for hundreds of applications. Decide on from dual frequency, shaded pole,
and long term break up capacitor (psc) electrical motors with AC multi-voltage motors to match North CZPTican,
CZPTean, and worldwide electrical power provides. A complete line of advised add-ons as properly as six, twelve, and
24 volt DC models in brush and brushless kinds are also accessible.

The rocking piston brings together the very best characteristics of piston and diaphragm CZPTs into a small unit
with outstanding functionality. Air stream capabilities from three.4 LPM to 5.5 CFM (nine.35 m3/h), strain to a hundred seventy five psi
(twelve. bar) and vacuum capabilities up to 29 inHg (31 mbar). Horsepowers range from 1/twenty to 1/2 HP
(.04 to .37 kW).

These pumps are produced to stand up by means of a long time of use. The piston rod and bearing assembly are bonded
collectively, not clamped they will not slip, loosen, or misalign to lead to difficulties.

Thoroughly clean Air
Due to the fact Pransch pumps are oil-cost-free, they are best for use in apps in laboratories, hospitals, and the
meals market where oil mist contamination is undesirable.


  1. Transportation application consist of:Vehicle detailing CZPT,Braking Methods,Suspension Programs,Tire CZPTs
  2. Foods and Beverage application incorporate:beverage dispensing,espresso and Espresso equipment,Foodstuff processing and packaging,Nitrogen Generation
  3. CZPT and laboratory application consist of:Body fluid Analysis gear,Dental compressors and hand tools,dental vacuum ovens,Dermatology tools,eye medical procedures products,lab automation,Liposuction tools,CZPT aspiration,Nitrogen Generation,Oxygen concentrators,Vacuum Centrifuge,vacuum filtering,ventilators
  4. CZPT industrial software consist of:Cable pressurization,core drilling
  5. CZPTal software contain:Dry sprinkler techniques,Pond Aeration,Refrigerant Reclamation,Drinking water CZPT Methods
  6. CZPT and packaging software incorporate:vacuum frames
  7. material Handling software consist of:vacuum mixing



Small Quiet Nitrogen Generator Oil Free Air Compressor