SUS304 Automatic Drum Washing and Drying Machine in Pharmaceutical Chemical and Food Industry

SUS304 Automatic Drum Washing and Drying Machine in Pharmaceutical Chemical and Food Industry

SUS304 CZPT Drum Washing and Drying CZPT in CZPT CZPT and Meals CZPT

why choose our equipment? 

SZ Double cone rotary vacuum dryer is a new dryer that integrates mixing and drying in the one human body and equips with condensor and vacuum pump. Consequently the vacuum dryer is fashioned(If the solvent does not recuperate, the condensor may possibly be not utilised). The dryer is advanced in style, straightforward in interior framework, effortless for cleansing, to discharge all raw materials, handy in procedure, lowing the energy of labor and improving functioning environment. Meanwhile uncooked substance is rotating accompanying with the rotating of container, the wall of container can not only help save power but also make raw materials dry evenly and have excellent high quality. It can commonly use to dry raw components of pharmaceutical only save power but also make uncooked material dry evenly and have great good quality. It can extensively utilize too dry uncooked resources of pharmaceutiacl market, chemical sector, foodstuff business, dyestuff industry and so on. The equipment is in conformity with the requirments of “GMP”. 


Enable heat resource (for instance, lower force steam or thermal oil) pass by way of the sealed jacket. The warmth will be transmitted to uncooked content to be dried by way of interior shell 
Under driving of power, the tank is rotated slowly and gradually and the raw materials within it is blended repeatedly. The goal of strengthened drying can be realized 
The uncooked material is beneath vacuum. The drop of steam stress tends to make the humidity (solvent) at the surface of raw substance turn out to be saturation and will evaporate. The solvent will be discharged via vacuum pump and recovered in time. The internal dampness (solvent) of raw substance will infiltrate, evaporate and discharge repeatedly. The 3 processes are carried out unceasingly and the objective of drying can be realized in a brief time. 


It is suited for the raw resources that require to focus, blended and dried at minimal temperature (for illustration, biochemistry) items in chemical, pharmaceutical(like API) and foodstuff industries. Especially it is suited for the raw supplies that are effortless to be oxidized, volatilized and have evening heat sensitivity and is poisonous and not permitted to destroy its crystal in drying approach. 

Pace altering motor of -6rpm may be selected according to the user’s specifications. 
The subsequent facets must be point out when to buy: 
one. The over-talked about technical specs(model) are calculated based on material density of .6g/cm3. If it is in excess of, you should position out. 
2. If certificate for force vessel is needed, you should position out. 
3. If glass lining for interior surface is necessary, make sure you point out. 
If the materials is explosive, or flammable, the calculation must be created in accordance to demo outcome. 

When oil is employed to heat, use automated continual temperature management. It can be utilised for drying biology goods and mine. 
Its temperature of procedure can be modified form 20-160 º C. 
In comparison to regular vacuum drying oven, its warmth efficiency will be 2 instances larger. 
The warmth is oblique. So the uncooked material can not be polluted. It is in conformity with the need of GMP. It is simple in washing and routine maintenance.

Principal technical info:

product spec
title device a hundred 200 350 500 750 a thousand 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000
complete volume L one hundred 200 350 five hundred 750 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000
functioning volume L 50 100 175 250 375 five hundred 750 a thousand 1500 2000 2500
heating location m 2 1.sixteen 1.five 2 2.sixty three three.5 4.sixty one 5.fifty eight 7.5 10.two fourteen.1
pace rpm 6 5 4 four four
electricity kw .seventy five 1.1 one.5 one.five two three three 4 five.five seven.five 7.five
rotating peak mm 1810 1910 2090 2195 2500 2665 2915 3055 3530 3800 4180
whole weight kg 825 1050 1350 1650 1800 2070 2250 3000 4500 5350 6000
design and style strain within the tank MPa -.09~-.096
design and style force of jacket MPa .3


SUS304 Automatic Drum Washing and Drying Machine in Pharmaceutical Chemical and Food Industry