Waterjet Cutting Machine Parts Piston Assy 87K ESL 011492-1

Waterjet Cutting Machine Parts Piston Assy 87K ESL 011492-1


Waterjet Slicing CZPT

waterjet reducing machine/water jet equipment reducing metallic/glass/stone/plastic

Waterjet abrasive 

80mesh Australia pink Garnet sand for waterjet reducing equipment

Waterje Nozzles and one more spare elements

different waterjet chopping equipment spare elements

Item Name:Waterjet Chopping CZPT Parts PISTON ASSY 87K ESL 011492-1       

Application : WaterJet Chopping CZPT 
Type : WaterJet Spare Parts 


                                                           Detail description


Name Code Name Code
571070-1  SHORT BLOCK INTENSIFIER ASSEMBLY, 87K 571253-1 Substantial Strain CERCZPT PLUNGER 60K, 75K, 87K
 014623-one Extended BLOCK INTENSIFIER ASSEMBLY, 87K 040015-one SEAL CZPTRIDGE 87K-2. INTENS
 94K Hyperjet Metric Accumulator one.0L  57134-one
57160-1 P4 Chopping Head Assembly, XD 571595-one FILLER TUBE ASSY, 75K – 87K INT CZPT
019309-one BLEED-DOWN VALVE ASSEMBLY 571071-1   ,   014495-one Check VALVE ASSY 75K – 87K INT PH2 
015084-1  BLEED-DOWN VALVE Fix KIT       571077-1 Human body, Check VALVE 75K – 87K INT
011742-one BLEED-DOWN VALVE BODY  012035-1 MAINT Kit, 75K – 87K Examine VALVE
B-8427-one 60K Bleed-Down Valve Actuator Housing  014884-1 INLET Check out VALVE Repair Package, 87K
B-5975-1 Bleed Down Valve Output Adaptor   014885-one Mend Package, 75K – 87K OUTLET Verify VALVE Restore Kit
019975-1 , 011290-1 87K Reduced Pressure CYLINDER   57101-one OUTLET Body ADAPTER 87K
011492-one , 571079-1  PISTON ASSY 87K ESL              014388-one  Check valve seat
571080-one , 011304-1  87k intensifier lower stress piston/bisuit plunger    015384-1  Inlet poppet
 5711-one Plunger Retainer 571564-1 Inlet verify valve assist
A-5710-250 Snap Ring, Piston 011309-one Outlet poppet
019684-1 ,011301-1 , 014819-one , 571072-1          87k intensifer conclude bellassembly remaining hand 060652-one , 57102-1 Check Valve Outlet Seat, 
019683-1 , 011300-1 , 014818-one , 571074-1       87k intensifer finish bellassembly light hand 013403-one CZPT Manifold, Aspect Mount w/Relief Valve
 014817-1 End CAP ASSY, INTENS 75K – 87K A-18862 CZPTtrical Change and Pilot Assembly, 24v (CZPT) 
013157-one SPARES KITLP SEALINTN 75K – 87 K  C-2743-one
 014589-one TIE ROD End CAP 75K – 87K-two. INT  A-10544  Pilot Valve, 24V CZPTtrical
014840-1 LP Cylinder Tie Rod Nut  A-5480 CZPT CZPT
011291-one , 571078-1 87K LP CYLINDER TIE ROD A-11367 FILTER Element, 6 MICRON, 13″ Long Circulation A-11367 
014597-1 87K INTENSIFIER TIE ROD HEX NUT   A-1449 ten” H2o FILTER CZPTRIDGE, .forty five MICRON
571276-1  Oil Seal Spacer OEM  A-1555 10″ H2o FILTER CZPTRIDGE, 1. MICRON
C-2728-1  snap ring for Oil Seal 014922-one SWIVEL ASSY, 1 / 4 D-ACT 90 DEG 75K – 87K
B-1040-two Bushing Xihu (West Lake) Dis. for Finish Bell – Plunger Bearing 015093-one REBUILD Kit, SWIVEL, 1 / 4, 75K – 87K
A-11275 Spring Rod Seal 049358-1 1/4″ ten Degree Solitary Axis Swivel Assemblyy
B-8345-two 60k on/off valve II VALVE ASSEMBLY 014918-1  WaterJet 87K Swivel Body 
011275-one Sensor assy, prox, e-change, 24V 5717-1 h2o jet components 87ksi swivel shaf
 B-8346-one Actuator assembly e-change 05710-1 Metering Valve Assembly
B-1702-one  Shifting Pin, CZPTtrical Shift 05717-1 Metering Valve Housing Assembly
571592-1 HP CYLINDER, 75K – 87K INT CZPTRIDGE 57105-one Stream Variety, Mini Hopper CZPT Metering Assembly 
 05711-1/two/3/four/five/six/7/8/9/…/18 CZPT DISC 05719-one Paser 3 Diverter 


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Business Description and Our Factory


HangZhou perfect equipment tech co., ltd ,it is a single specialist waterjet slicing device and spare components provider, Our company is in a CZPT Job CZPT School in HangZhou. Our Higher education have extremely innovative CNC equipments, I think that is a world-class processing equipment, we do for some CZPTica drinking water jet factories manufacturing of large pressure parts for a lot of a long time, and more Chinese large water jet vegetation making intensifier . i am sorry For i cannot give you the names of these factories, but I promise to give you the quality of the CZPT states.

Normal CZPT waterjet spare areas like 60k&90k water jet intensifier and all the varieties of h2o jet cutting heads, and the h2o on/off valve, water jet orifice ruby and abrasive nozzle, and large force hp cylinder, check out valve human body, waterjet HP seals, oil seal, ceramic plunger, valve seat, all the standard drinking water spare parts we have large high quality and very good price.

We have water jet hgh strain intensifier pump high quality identical like Movement waterjet , KMT waterjet ,Dardi waterjet ,and we have very good water jet functioning table.

Any spare elements of drinking water jet slicing equipment, Welcome to HangZhou meet me and contact myphone 



Packing & Delivery

Shipping Specifics : 3-7 times soon after get of waterjet elements


Waterjet chopping device package : wooden package
Waterjet spare parts : soft bundle inside of,carton deal exterior.
The bundle methods aslo can according to client necessity.



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Waterjet Cutting Machine Parts Piston Assy 87K ESL 011492-1