30tpd Fully Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

30tpd Fully Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

         Performance Attribute

  • Inner screw rotatory pyrolysis. No coking.

  • Undertake multilevel cooling design, to get much more gasoline oil.

  • Sizzling air heat, cooperated with minimal temperature pyrolysis catalyst, lengthen doing work daily life of plant.

  • Enclosed manufacturing all the way, no leakage and no dust loss, environmental safety.

  • Exhaust gas multistage processed, gasoline discharge reach CZPTean Common stage.

    Technological Procedure

  • Waste plastic,health-related squander and household squander sent into gasoline preheater by conveyor to soften. Procedure produced HCL specially.  

  • CZPTed gasoline repeatedly despatched into reactor and complete pyrolysis underneath low pressured catalyst.

  • After produced gasoline during pyrolysis separates in fuel-liquid separator, liquify in condenser and get gasoline oil. Right after mounted bed CZPT catalyst and dewaxing,can get the gasoline oil with higher top quality.

  • CZPT residue right after pyrolysis output continually by cooling conveyor,and produced to be carbon rod as gas.

  • Flammable fuel goes into exhaust gas remedy tank to desulfur,then extracted by vacuum pump and enter into drinking water sealed tank, sent to scorching air stove to burn.

          Major Overall performance Parameter








Working temp.



Gas oil, natural gasoline, liquified fuel

Heating way

Hot air circulation heating

Fuel request

Squander plastic, healthcare squander and home squander

Working pressure

Standard force

Inflaming retarding way

Nitrogen  blowing


two hundred kg

four hundred kg


14000 × 2400 × 4000(mm)

28000 × 2400 × 4000(mm)×2

Complete power

ninety kw

170 kw

Electricity usage

eighty kw/h

a hundred and fifty kw/h

Floor area

40000 mm × 4000 mm

40000 mm × 9000 mm

Greatest stage of installation

7000 mm

7000 mm

Remark:This parameter is just for reference. Dimension alter triggered by style improvement will not advise customers specifically. Please refer to documents enclosed with products.

Item Restoration Price

Fuel oil: 40-45%

CZPT residue: 32-36%

Metal wire:fourteen-16%

Syn fuel: 5-8%

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30tpd Fully Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant