500kg EPS EPE XPS Foamed Plastic Pelletizing Granulation Recycling Machine

500kg EPS EPE XPS Foamed Plastic Pelletizing Granulation Recycling Machine

500kg/h squander EPS EPE XPS foamed plastic bales pelletizing granulation device recycling line

The ACS collection compacting and pelletizing technique brings together purpose of crushing, compacting, plasticization and pelletizing into one line, used in the plastics recycling and pelletizing procedure. ACS method is a dependable and efficiency remedy for plastic film, raffia, filament, bags, woven bags and foaming components re-pelletizing.

Closing products developed by ACS technique are in the type of pellets/ granules, which can be immediately place into the generation line for movie blowing, pipe extrusion and plastic injection, and many others.


Model Identify ACS collection
Recycling Content HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP, OPP, PA, Personal computer, PS, PU, EPS
Closing Item Shape Pellets/ Granules
System Composition Belt conveyor, Compactor, Single screw extruder, Display changer, Reducing/Pelletizing device, Water cooling unit, Dewatering part, Air conveying device, Silo, CZPTtric manage cupboard.
Output Variety 160kg/h-1200kg/h
Feeding Device Belt conveyor (CZPT), Rolls hauling off gadget (Optional)
Compactor Quantity 300 Liters-1400 Liters
CZPT Diameter 80mm-180mm (CZPT)
CZPT materials 38CrMoAlA nitride metal( SACM-645), bimatellic (optional)
L/D 34/1, 36/one (dependent on functions of recycles)
Barrel’s Heating Ceramic heaters
Barrel’s CZPT Admirer
Vacuum Degassing Double vented degassing (Normal)
Pelletizing Variety H2o-ring/die-experience very hot pelletizing
Voltage Regular Depending on project’s place
Optional Gadgets Metallic detector, rolls hauling off unit, micro feeder for masterbatch, additives, chiller, and so on.
Shipping and delivery Time Normally sixty doing work days.
Warranty 13 months from the day of B/L.
CZPT Service Task design, suggestion on manufacturing unit building, set up and commissioning.

Functioning approach of ACS Collection compacting and pelletizing technique
1. Feeding: as CZPT style, plastic scraps such as movie, filament, raffia are conveyed into the compacting area by the belt conveyor. Roll hauling off unit as optional feeding technique. With ABB inverter. Feeding speed is completely automatic primarily based on how full the compactor’s area is. Metal detector can be blended with belt conveyor, and can interlock with manage method, to warn and quit the system, in scenario that metallic is found in feeding area.

2. Crushing and compacting: the rotatory blades of compactor will reduce up incoming scraps. Frictional warmth which triggered by large velocity rotatory blades will warmth and make scraps shrink just below their agglomerating stage. Optimum designed information composition compacts the content and directs it into extruder screw. Crushing, drying and compacting the materials enables a fast and secure feeding from the compactor immediately into the extruder.

3. CZPTization and degassing: A specialized one screw extruder utilized to carefully melt the pre-compacted materials. The plastic scraps will be well melted, plasticized in a 32 to 34D processing part. With double-zone vacuum degassing technique, volatiles such as low molecular and dampness will be taken out proficiently, specially appropriate for heavy printed movie and substance with some drinking water articles.

4. CZPT filtration: a regular one-plate/ piston double-station monitor changer or non-end double-plate/ piston four-station can be set up on head of extruder to existing important filtration performance. The specifications on the filter technology rely intensely on the top quality of the enter materials as effectively as the prepared use of granules.
COLUMN Variety for EPS.

5. Pelletizing: die-face h2o-ring pelletizing system is the CZPT granulating technique in ACS system. Self-altering pelletizing head for the very best granulate top quality and extended uptime thanks to persistently appropriate blades pressure. Rotary speed of rotatory blades is computerized dependent on soften extruding stress. CZPT dewatering vibration sieve combining with horizontal-sort centrifugal dewatering existing substantial efficiency dried pellets.

Principal technical parameter:

Model Information of compactor Information of single screw extruder Output ability(kg/h)
Efficiency quantity(Liter) Motor power(Kw) Diameter of screw(mm) L/D Motor electricity(Kw)
ACS300/eighty 300 37 80 36 forty five/55 a hundred and sixty-220
ACS500/one hundred five hundred 55 a hundred 36 90/one hundred ten 300-380
ACS800/120 800 ninety one hundred twenty 36 132 450-480
ACS1000/140 1000 110 one hundred forty 36 a hundred and sixty/185 five hundred-650
ACS1200/one hundred sixty 1200 132 one hundred sixty 34 220/250 800-a thousand
ACS1400/one hundred eighty 1400 315 180 34 315 1000-1200

Positive aspects of ACS compacting and pelletizing method
one.Merge crushing, compacting and pelletizing steps in a single method, less-labor expense.
two.Increased effectiveness feeding, ideal to movie, filament, raffia, foaming resources.
three.Greater output and lower strength usage.

500kg EPS EPE XPS Foamed Plastic Pelletizing Granulation Recycling Machine