8 Faces Egg Tray Production Line with Multi-Layer Dryer

8 Faces Egg Tray Production Line with Multi-Layer Dryer

8 faces egg tray generation line with multi-layer dryer

Portion 1. Description for Egg tray machine                                                                                               
Egg tray equipment tools mainly uses squander paper,waste carton as uncooked materials. By smash pulp, vibrating pulp, grinding pulp and forming pulp, the forming machine adsorbs the pulp by vacuum kind with some required substances. The products also can generate the followings: package deal for glass and ceramics, crafts, small equipment, electrical items, toys and so on. The paper carton can substitute the plastic bag and corrugated paper. And they not only have the safety, cushion overall performance, make considerably less injury, improve the bundle determine, but also can conserving expense, shield surroundings and can be recycled use. They are the common solution in the environmentally friendly deal storm.

Part two. Characteristics of Egg Tray CZPT                                                                     1) Complete automatic operating according to environment
2) World-wide CZPT model of electrical elements make steady managing
three) Optimized layout with new technological innovation, leading to large performance
four) Excellent malfunction checkout system and motor defending system assure secure operating.

Component three. Finished items

Part 4. Knowledge Note                                                                                                                                       
Pulping method: Pulper, Grinding CZPT, Mixer, Things Pump, Water Pump, Control Cabinet, and so forth.
Forming Program: This equipment is composed of eight forming pattern plates and one transfer plate. The dimensions of every single plate is 1470mm×470mm and each plate can carry four sets of 30pcs egg tray mould, absolutely 32 sets. The molding performance is 13-15 plates/minutes. It is outfitted with automatic vacuum drainage system, automatic plate washing technique, pre-drying technique and automated manage cupboard.
Drying System: There are two varieties of drying program. One particular is steel, the other is civil engineering. The conveyor plate can be one particular layer and multi-layer, immediate combustion very hot air circulation. Making use of the imported or joint undertaking manufacturer burner (domestic employs the stove bar), equipped with an automatic manage cabinet. 

Part five. You source the informations for egg tray machine

a- Ability: How a lot of items for each hour you want to create?
Observe: The least potential is 1000pieces every single hour. You can pick in accordance to your true situation.

b- Boiler: Which variety boiler you use when you require drying system?
Note: Coal boiler, Gas boiler, Diesel boiler can be choosed by your prerequisite.

c- Drying system: Which one particular sort dryer you want to use?
Notice: You can select civil engineering drying paper tray, also use solar drying. Of program, the metallic drying method also is alright. Its value will larger than other dryer.

Element six. Other equipment screen
one) Rest room paper machine
two) Egg tray forming device
3) Cultural paper machine
four) Boiler
5) Paper main tube equipment
6) Kraft paper machine
7) Paperboard producing device
8) Toilet paper changing/rewinding device

Element 7. Speak to informations


8 Faces Egg Tray Production Line with Multi-Layer Dryer