Atex Certified Small Hydraulic Electric Excavator with Quick Coupling

Atex Certified Small Hydraulic Electric Excavator with Quick Coupling

Underground Pit Tunnel Crawler CZPT Mini Excavator with ATEX Certification

Overview mwy6/.5 coal mine hydraulic CZPT is HangZhou Enwei CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. in absorbing the positive aspects of comparable merchandise at home and overseas on the foundation of impartial investigation, development, manufacture of underground loading rock and base cleaning tools. The equipment is compact in composition and little in dimensions, and has the attributes of vitality saving, minimal noise, little pollution and high efficiency owing to the use of electrical hydraulic method. With the shaft drilling rig supporting the use, can realize coal mine and other mine shaft excavation mechanization procedure, as a result greatly enhance the excavation velocity. At the very same time, the equipment can also be utilized for roadway and inclined roadway loading rock and excavation operation

Merchandise parameters:

Merchandise Unit CZPT data  
Common bucket potential .three .five
Max. digging height mm ≥5000 ≥5000
Max. dumping peak mm ≥3300 ≥3500
Max. digging depth mm ≥2100 ≥3000
Max. digging radius mm ≥4800 ≥5500
Max. vertical wall digging depth mm ≥2100 ≥2600
Max. digging force(bucket) kN ≥40 ≥60
CZPT pace r/min ≥10 ≥10
Touring velocity km/h ≥1.6 ≥1.6
Max. traction kN fifty 70
Regular floor strain kg/cm² .44 .forty four
Rated power Kw 37 fifty five
Gradeability   14° 14°
All round dimensions, traveling mm 4600×2100×2400 5280*2140*2650
Min. turning radius, entrance component mm ≤1300 ≤1500
Turning radius, rear portion mm 1100 1300
Bodyweight Kg 6300 8500


Slewing Platform
In the slewing platform of compact crawler CZPT, a welded construction gives high rigidness. The bottom of the platform is linked with the foundation plate through a slewing pearing. In the middle, there is a robotic arm and slewing reducer, which with the slewing pearing composes a slewing program. On the correct of the slewing platform, hydraulic oil ank and major valve are mounted. On the still left is functioning cap, outfitted with a relaxed seat, a protecting roof and pilot valves.

Strolling Program
The total strolling program consists of crawlers, foundation plate, going for walks drive system and crawler stretching system. That’s why the CZPT exhibits a excellent capacity in climbing slope and turning sharply, as properly as enjoys low floor pressure and steady walking. The installed two crawlers are independently pushed by two driving gadgets, ready to freely stroll, swerve, rotate and more.

Robot Arm
This device is mostly utilized for digging, lifting, discharging and more.

CZPT System
Primary elements consist of major oil pump, equipment pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, major valve, pilot valve, oil filter, cooler and oil tank

CZPT Program
The explosion-proof motor distributes electrical electrical power of 37 KW to each system of this CZPT and assures a standard and hugely effective managing.

The compact crawler CZPT is outfitted with a vacuum electromagnetic starter, which is most frequently utilized to control and safeguard the main motor. Not only that, the CZPT also makes use of an integrated protecting gadget, which prevents the lighting system and bell from quick circuits and electrical leakage.

Quick CZPT:

Quick CZPT are also called Fast Adjust Connector, mostly for CZPTs to boost the performance of substitute in between the shift and the operating areas these kinds of as the bucket and the loosening, when operating.


The device is suitable for the effectively, roadway and slope of coal mine, metallic ore and non-metallic ore with significantly less than 14. Excavation procedure of loading rock, base cleansing and permafrost in inclined lane excavation. The device has the pursuing characteristics:

1.In comparison with the traditional synthetic obvious bottom, the use of this machine in the important personal savings of labor expenses at the same time, boost the effectiveness of operations, improve the functioning setting.

2.The operator is functioning below the protection of the roof, which is conducive to safe manufacturing.

three. In contrast with the standard diesel electricity tiny CZPT, because of to the use of electric powered hydraulic system, so it has the traits of lower noise, no exhaust air pollution, more appropriate for downhole use.
4. The machine has compact framework and tiny condition measurement, and the operating device can be recycled in the base of the shaft to aid vertical downhole and nicely lifting.
five. The automobile is compact and little in dimension, and its tail does not collide with the properly wall when it rotates, making it more appropriate for tiny underground space functions.
6. The major motion adopts the pilot valve manage, the procedure is effortless and straightforward, the perform is sleek with no influence. Merchandise use environmental circumstances:

 1) suitable for shafts more than six meters in diameter, as effectively as a area of four.0x4.5 meters previously mentioned and slope less than 140 of the roadway.
2) the Rock’s Platts hardness F is less than or equal to 12, the block diploma is significantly less than or equal to 600mm, the unfastened density is not greater than one.8t/m.
three) Altitude <1000m. High altitude 1000m above the plateau environment needs to be specially designed
4)the roadway surroundings is -5ºC~ 40 ºC, the maximum relative humidity <90% (temperature of 25 ºC)
5),the voltage limit deviation is 5% soil, AC frequency restrict deviation is ±1%
six)The content of coal dust and methane explosive gas close to the CZPT should conform to the safety content material stipulated in the Coal Mine basic safety rules.

7.Outfitted with hydraulic quick-modify connectors, quick change joints can be speedily put in on the CZPT a variety of configuration components (digging, loosening, crushing hammer, hydraulic shears, and so forth.), can expand the use of CZPTs, and can save time, increase ergonomics.

Fast Change Connector has the pursuing positive aspects: 
 1)disassembly swiftly and hassle-free, preserve time to enhance work performance, reduce the labor intensity of operators.
2)There is nearly no operating medium outflow when the self-styled swift adjust connector is removed. The pollution of the operating surroundings is reduced and the filth is prevented from getting into the piping method, therefore strengthening the dependability of the hydraulic program.
three)Fast modify connector alone can be freely rotated, not only to launch the set up process in the pipeline produced by the inside stress, but also to conquer the perform owing to vibration caused by the loosening.
4)the use of substantial-power supplies, suitable for 3-forty five tonnage of numerous versions.
5)the use of liquid-managed a single-way valve security unit, to guarantee protection.


Atex Certified Small Hydraulic Electric Excavator with Quick Coupling