Filter Cake Washing Type Chamber Filter Press with Recessed Plate, Hydraulic Filter Press Used for Printing

Filter Cake Washing Type Chamber Filter Press with Recessed Plate, Hydraulic Filter Press Used for Printing

CZPT cake washing sort chamber filter press with recessed plate, hydraulic filter press utilised for printing 

The filter press is a reliable liquid separation system employing the theory of force feeding. It has been utilized efficiently in almost every industrial filtration application more than its 150 a long time of heritage. 
It involves a series of filter plates and frames or recessed plates which are organized alternately. The filter medium is offered in in between the plates. A feeding pump is utilized to drive the liquid through the medium leaving the strong trapped inside of. When compared to other pressure filters the filter push holds far more solids for each sq. ft of filtering area location then any other. 

This washable plate filter push refers to a kind of soluble ion contained in the filter cake which can separate the solid and liquid in the industrial generation, and can be launched into the rinse water to understand the soluble ion and the filter cake. Separation, forming a washing filter device with a reduced humidity filter cake. The products integrates filtration and washing features into one, guaranteeing a minimal water material and large efficiency of the filter cake, and the washing price is 99.5%. It is extensively utilised in gold cyanide, alumina pink mud, lithium salt, white fertilizer, hydrometallurgy. , inorganic salt chemical, non-metallic mineral useful merchandise and other industries.


Functioning theory of this washable plate filter push,

Underneath the stress of the feed pump, the liquid to be filtered is sent to each filter chamber, and the solid medium is separated by the filter medium. The filter residue is formed on the filter cloth right up until the filter chamber is filled to sort a filter cake. The filtrate passes by means of the filter fabric and flows along the groove of the filter plate to the reduce outlet hole passage, and is discharged concentrated. Soon after the filtration is completed, the filter residue is washed with distinct washing water. After washing, compressed air is passed by means of to get rid of the remaining washing liquid even though achieving regeneration of the anhydrous filter fabric. Soon after the filtration is concluded, the filter press is opened, the filter cake is removed by the automated unloading gadget, and the filter plate is re-compressed to start the next doing work cycle.


Strucutre of this washable plate filter press

1. Beam, High quality carbon steel Q345B and processed with sand blasting to remove rust and oxide skin, then painted by epoxy primer to get higher intensity and corrosion resistance.

2. CZPT plate, CZPTpropylene(PP) with acid & alkali resistance, anticorrosion, innocuity, tasteless, light weight and high strength.

three. CZPT cloths, High quality polypropylene acid and alkali proof or high quality polyester acid.

four. CZPT unit, China brand CZPT pumps and hydraulic valve CZPT steel bending welding, sealing, air filtration external oil pump, cooling effect is good, maintenance is convenient High and low pressure oil pipe for gb soft connection

5. CZPTtric control cabinet, PLC control cabinet with Siemens brand or schneider brand CZPTtrical components, Split type or can be fixed on the beam.


All types technical parameters of washable plate filter press.


Operation process includes the following

1. The hydraulic unit drive the head plate to press the middle plates and filter cloth between head plate and tail plate. And chambers form between every two plates.

two. The pump will deliver the mud into the chambers. Solids retainled in the chamber to be cake, and liquid flow out. Until the cakes is full. Then pump stops.

3. With about 10 minutes pressure holding. When you see there is no liquid flow it, the squeezing process finishs.

four. The plate shifter device will help to pull the plates one by one, and cake will discharge automatically.

Our business and items

Our merchandise has passed ISO9001 CZPT CZPT Administration Program Certification and is exported to CZPTica, Canada, Chile, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.via, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, CZPTia, Sweden, Finland, and so on. about far more than fifty international locations and region. We have gained good popularity relies upon on our ideal certified items and right after-product sales provider. Warmly welcome new and previous close friends all more than the planet to occur our company for great cooperation with every single other!


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All of our products

1. Program-controlled automatic filter press

2. Membrane filter press

3. CZPT compress filter press

four. CZPT compress filter press

five. Jack filter press

six. Cast iron plate and frame/chamber filter press

7. CZPT steel plate and frame filter press

eight. Round plate filter press

9. Cotton cake filter press

ten. Cardboard filter press

eleven. DY belt filter press

12. DYX high pressure belt filter press

thirteen. DNY rotary drum thickning/dehydrating belt filter press

14. Triple-belt thickning and dehydrating filter press

fifteen. SS type three-foot upper discharge centrifuge

sixteen. SD type three-foot and filter bag hoist discharge centrifuge

seventeen. PD type filter bag hoist discharge centrifuge

18. Centrifuge of up discharge, three foot, clean series SSB, SB

19. SX type manual top discharge centrifuge

20. PS type manual top discharge centrifuge

21. SGZ type automatic scraper bottom discharge centrifuge

22. PGZ type scarper bottom discharge centrifuge

23. LW series decanter centrifuge

24. Tubular centrifuge

25. Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter

26. Bag filter

27. Diatomite filter

28. CZPT late

29. CZPT cloth

30. Vacuum disc filter


Filter Cake Washing Type Chamber Filter Press with Recessed Plate, Hydraulic Filter Press Used for Printing