High and Low Temperature Pressure Test Equipments

High and Low Temperature Pressure Test Equipments

High and low temperature force test equipments

one. Expert CZPTr
two. Materials: SUS#304
three. CZPT delivey
four, Lcd contact screen

Higher and lower temperature stress take a look at equipments application:

High Low Temperature/Minimal Air Pressure Take a look at Chamber is largely utilised in aviation, aerospace, information, electronics and other fields, to guarantee the atmosphere adaptability and dependability of devices, meters, electrical products, resources, components, gear in lower temperature and minimal air strain, or reduced temperature or low-large temperature and low air strain, and measure the specimen’s technological parameters.

CZPT volum large-lower temp tested chamber attribute:

1. Perfect circumstance structure, can undertake air strain, stainless steel internal situation.
2. Sensible air cycle system and heater, fridge unit.
3. CZPTed refrigeration models, important areas are worldwide manufacturers, improve the procedure trustworthiness.
4. Controller adopts touch display male-machine interface, reputable procedure, large precision.
five. CZPT unit for studio in excess of-temperature, compressor in excess of-load, above-stress, oil strain in excess of-stress, supporter in excess of-load, default-section, compressor delay.

Asli Primary CZPT:

CZPTal chambers, temperature (humidity) chamber, PCT /Hast chamber (Hugely accelerated pressure take a look at chamber), ESS chamber, Walk in steadiness chamber, Vacuum oven, Altitude chamber, vibration take a look at method, mechanical shock tester, environmental blended vibration chamber, etc

Design HLP-408(D~F) HLP-one thousand(D~F)
Internal Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 600x850x800 1000x1000x1000
External Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 1400x1900x1900 1600x2050x2350
Pressure Range Atmospheric pressure( 101 Kpa) ~.5 Kpa
Pressure Deviation Pressure  50  Kpa  ~ten  Kpa ,  ± 3 Kpa  Pressure 10 Kpa ~50 Kpa,  ± one.0 Kpa  Pressure  1 Kpa ~10 Kpa ,  ± .1 Kpa
Velocity of  Depressurization Atmospheric pressure  ~ 1kpa ≤ 40min (Room temperature situation)
Lower Air Force Mode Vacuum pump
Temperature Range Low Temperature (  D:-forty ºC     F:-70 ºC)   High Temperature 150 ºC
Analytic Accuracy of Temperature .one   ºC
Distribution Uniformity of Temperature  When temperature ≤100 ºC ,  ± three. ºC  (Atmospheric pressure and non load), When temperature ≥100 ºC,  ± 5. ºC  (Atmospheric pressure and non load)
Control Accuracy of Temperature  ± .5 ºC
Temperature Rising/Falling  Speed Rate  Temperature rising approx.  0.2 ~ 1.2 /min,  Temperature falling approx.  0.2 ~ one.two ºC /min 
Internal and External Material Material of the inner box is SUS 304# stainless steel , of the outer box is stainless steel or  SEE cold-rolled steel with paint coated.
Insulation Material Resistant to high temperature, high density, formate chlorine, ethyl acetum foam insulation materials 
CZPT System   Wind cooling or water cooling / single segment compressor (-40 ºC, double segment compressor -70 ºC)
CZPT Devices Fuse-free switch, overloading protection switch  for compressor,fault warning system, high and low voltage coolant protection switch, more than-temperature protection switch, fuses, 
CZPT French Tecumseh Brand ,  Germany Bizer Brand
Power AC 380V , 3 &  5 Lines, fifty/60HZ

High and Low Temperature Pressure Test Equipments