Honey Pump, Stainless Steel Rotor Pump, Stainless Steel Pump

Honey Pump, Stainless Steel Rotor Pump, Stainless Steel Pump


  1. Honey Pump, CZPT Metal Rotor Pump, CZPT Metal Pump are utilized in a selection of industries like, pulp and paper, chemical, food, beverage,  pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. 
  2. They are well-known in these diverse industries since they offer you excellent sanitary qualities, higher performance, reliability, corrosion resistance, and excellent cleanse-in-location and sterilize-in-location (CIP/SIP) attributes.
  3. These pumps provide a range of lobe choices like butterfly lobe, double lobe, triple lobe.
  4. Rotary lobe pumps are non-getting in touch with and have large pumping chambers, making it possible for them to handle solids these kinds of as cherries or olives with out injury.  They are also utilised to deal with slurries, pastes, and a wide assortment of other liquids. 


Solution information: 

Working Principle: Double rotors
Primary Programs:        Foods apps, CZPTmers, Paper coatings, Soaps and surfactants, Paints and dyes CZPT and adhesives.
CZPTr: Variable Velocity Motor, Geared Motor, Variable Frequency Motor
Power Specs: 220V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V,  50hz/60hz
Max.permissible fluid temperature: 150°C (302°F) / 250°C (482°F)-water cool type 
Type of connection: Quick couple, Thread, Flange
Installation position: Horizontal
Casing/Inner parts material: CZPT Steel
Shaft seal type:   CZPT seal
Maximum viscosity: 1×10six C.S.T
Maximum drive rating:  22kW(30HP)
Maximum caliber:   125mm(5inch)
Maximum discharge-side pressure: 5bar
Suction pressure: .08Mpa(.8bar)


Overall performance information:






per 100r (L)

Speed Range




Motor Power


LQ3A-six twenty five 6 200-500 650-1600 .seventy five
LQ3A-eight 32 eight 200-five hundred 850-2160 one.five
LQ3A-twelve 38 12 200-five hundred 1300-3200 2.two
LQ3A-twenty 38 20 200-five hundred 2100-5400 three
LQ3A-30 forty two thirty 200-400 3200-6400 four
LQ3A-36 forty two 36 two hundred-400 3800-7600 five.5
LQ3A-52 fifty 52 two hundred-four hundred 5600-11000 five.5
LQ3A-sixty six sixty two 66 two hundred-400 7100-14000 seven.5
LQ3A-seventy eight 75 78 two hundred-400 9000-18000 7.five
LQ3A-one hundred seventy five 100 two hundred-four hundred 11000-22000 11
LQ3A-one hundred thirty five one hundred 135 200-400 15000-30000 15
LQ3A-one hundred sixty a hundred one hundred sixty 200-four hundred 17000-34000 eighteen.5
LQ3A-two hundred a hundred twenty five two hundred 200-four hundred 21600-43000 22

Organization information:
ZHangZhoug CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd is one of the foremost producers and exporters in the field of business pumps with manufacturing facilities in mainland China. We are specialized in oil pump, diaphragm pump, diesel engine pump, centrifugal pump, screw pump, chemical pump and so forth.


Honey Pump, Stainless Steel Rotor Pump, Stainless Steel Pump