Inside and Outside Circle Vacuum Emulsifying Mixing Machine for Cosmetic Toothpaste Ointment Cream Lotion Shampoo

Inside and Outside Circle Vacuum Emulsifying Mixing Machine for Cosmetic Toothpaste Ointment Cream Lotion Shampoo

one. Simens, ABB Motor, LG electronics
two. Emulsifying device
3. SUS 316LI, SO9001: 2000
4. Suitable to large viscosity material this kind of as foundation make-up, cream and frost toothpaste.
5The equipment can obtain thorough homogenizing result by way of outdoors homogenizing.

XY-A Vacuum Emulsifying Mixing equipment
The XY-A vacuum Emulsifying Mixing equipment in the milk fabrication technology, the dispersed period particle measurement and the paste with the air bubble is two main issues: The particle dimension brings about the milk not to be unstable outsized, lacks the gloss The paste with the air bubble to cause the bacterial pollution, the oxidation and the outward appearance is not sleek. Therefore, XIN YOU specialists as early as in the 80s style and create vacuum emulsifiying installment, the ordinary formula may possibly make the rich gloss, homogenizing beautiful and excellent quality merchandise.

Functionality and characteristic
one. Intricate scraping board blending oar is appropriate to each kind of difficult recipe and attain optimizing effect. CZPTtetrafluroethylene scraping board cater to entire body of mixing groove and scrape out viscosity content on boiler wall
2. Homogenizer is mounted on boiler base to enhance motor electrical power a lot more thoroughly and strongly. During handful of generation, it can exert homogenizing influence entirely

three. Mightiness stability isotactic curve rotor is matched with stator with corresponding composition to recognize liquid higher-capability cutrubbingcentrifugal to make positive exquisite and slick cream
4. Each and every boiler entire body independent support, aluminum alloy colored plate platform, staircase
five. Total established installment is hassle-free, artistic.

The device individually from the oil tanks, drinking water tanks, oil & h2o tanks rated mixing, vacuum homogeneous emulsifying pot, drinking water ring vacuum pump, air filters, lighting observation holes, operation handle cabinet and so on. It is the most relevant equipment for the generation of higher-quality skin treatment products.

Operating volume
  Heating Technique   (M)
  50   50   CZPTtric Heating
Steam Heating
  2.6X2.2X2   8.sixty five   450
  a hundred and fifty   150   CZPTtric Heating
Steam Heating
  two.6X2.4X2   fourteen.4   650
  250   250   CZPTtric Heating
Steam Heating
  2.8X2.5X2.2   19.55   850
  350   350   CZPTtric Heating
Steam Heating
  3X2.8X2.three   23.forty five   1100
  five hundred   five hundred   CZPTtric Heating
Steam Heating
  three.3X3X2.5   26.3   1500
  1000   a thousand   CZPTtric Heating
Steam Heating
  four.2X3.5X3.8   28.6   2500

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HangZhou Xinyou CZPT CZPTry Co., Ltd. is a specialised company of chemical equipment. We have accrued more than ten years’ creation expertise. Until now, we have designed into a professional device maker integrating investigation, layout, manufacturing and set up and we have passed ISO9001:2000 worldwide certification. We are often primarily based on technological innovations to independently develop different varieties of chemical tools. Our main items consist of Vacuum Homogenizing CZPTs, Stirring CZPTs, Tiny Homogenizers for Lab-use, Anti-penetration Purifying CZPTs, Production Lines and CZPT Filling & CZPT CZPTs which can perfectly satisfy our customers. In order to cater for the demands of worldwide marketplaces, our firm adheres to our tenet of “pursuing perfect quality goods”. Our buyers are from Hong Kong, CZPTe, CZPT Asia, the Center CZPT and Africa. “Enjoyable customers’ requirements and boosting buyer satisfaction” is the purpose we are searching for for. To support clients grow to be productive is our travel to encourage the enhancement and growth of our types and manufacture levels. Our company will continually develop a outstanding long term with buyers hand in hand.

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Inside and Outside Circle Vacuum Emulsifying Mixing Machine for Cosmetic Toothpaste Ointment Cream Lotion Shampoo