Medical Emergency Electric Suction Pump

Medical Emergency Electric Suction Pump

CZPT Crisis Pedal Suction CZPT CZPTtric Suction Equipment for Surgery  BM-H004

The pedal suction unit is relevant for health care care unit as medical suction underneath adverse strain.

Merchandise attributes: small dimensions, light-weight fat, straightforward to work, no electrical power is necessary.  

Tread the stepping rod to drive the piston to go regularly so as to create negative strain. 

Use the non-return valve so as not to generate good force. The pedal suction device is safe and dependable.

-Compact composition can make it simple to run and hassle-free to have.

-CZPT suction with higher negative force and substantial circulation price.  


Greatest negative force benefit:≥0.08MPa

Maximum free of charge-air flow:≥ 20L/min

Reservoir quantity:≥1000ml,1pc

Pedal pressure:≤ 245N


Medical Emergency Electric Suction Pump