Q76 Series Table Trolley Bogie Type Shot Blasting Machine for Flanges Big Heavy Parts Surface Cleaning

Q76 Series Table Trolley Bogie Type Shot Blasting Machine for Flanges Big Heavy Parts Surface Cleaning

Q76 collection Table trolley bogie variety Shot Blasting CZPT for Flanges huge large areas surface area cleaning

Product Description

Desk trolley Bogie sort shot blasting equipment is made for shot blasting of big and weighty castings, This equipment primarily implement in machine instrument ,metallurgy sector ,rolling stock ,building machinery ,mining equipment and other huge and center workpiece. complicated shapes in little series or one production, this kind of as gears, motor discs, shafts, dies and turbines. Primarily utilised in the floor cleaning and strengthening the metal items and casting parts.Far more suited for getting rid of the dust and oxide on the steel surface.Broadly utilized in the field of casting, swaging, equipment and steel business. Working items are loaded to a rotating desk on idea truck with lifting unit (crane, raise truck).

By signifies of helpful lifts the work pieces are loaded on the perforated rotating operating desk of the trolley, which then drives to the shotblasting chamber. It is recommended that the table area is protected with the work parts as significantly as possible. It generally functions with the computerized switching-on, the shotblasting time is set by indicates of a programme. For the duration of shot blasting the perform pieces go on the rotating desk by means of the jets of abrasive of throwing wheels, which are put in under different angles, enabling greater effectiveness. Then the work pieces must be turned and repeat the shot-blasting method.

Housing of bogie blast equipment is made from steel sheets and profiles in a few welded segments, which all jointly form chamber.

The inside of the shotblasting chamber is moreover protected with use-resistant shield from manganese steel. High effectiveness of the bogie shot blasting equipment is enabled by the method for continued returning and cleaning of shot blasting agent, together with successful shot blasting turbines made from dress in resistant supplies. Normal gear involves: PLC, exhibit, automated or handbook method, computerized commence-up of turbine, working several hours counter, variable frequency drive of the cylinder push, and so forth.

The bogie shot blasting equipment are created in different dimensions to be in a position to treat various items of diverse shapes and types. This sort of shot blasting equipment can be outfitted with fixtures and add-ons to adapt the products to be taken care of.

The items to be ready are positioned on a table that rotates. When rotating the entire area of the merchandise will be exposed in the shot stream. The shot blasting machine is obtainable in numerous variations according to the put in powers of the wheels and the desk diameter. Some machines are outfitted with built-in automated dust collector.

The sequence is shot and air blast equipment of trolley to-and-for sort with double cleaning purpose. Shot blast makes bundle substantial-pace shots throw to surface of the workpiece on the roll trolley so as to eradicate sticky gravel and scale and other impurities on it, obtaining vibrant surface area with specific rough degree. Air blast is primarily utilised for single air blast disposal to complicated inner piece and tremendous special piece after shot blast.

 CZPT Parameter

Product Q365C Q3610 Q765 Q7610 Q7620 Q7630
Cleaning dimensions Φ2500X1300 Φ2500X1500X380 Φ3000X1500 Φ2500X1500X780 Φ4000X2000 Φ5300X800
CZPT electricity (kw) one.1 two.2 one.five two.two three. 4.
Transferring electricity two.two three two.two 3. 5.five five.5
Rotary table loading fat (t) 5 10 5 10 20 thirty
peening capability(kg/h) 3600-4000 3600-4400 3600-4400 3600-4400 3600-4400 3600-4400
Blasting capacity (kg/h) 2×250 4×250 2×250 3×250 4×250 4×250
Overall power (kw) 23 24.nine sixty eight.5 83.2 107.5 123.5
CZPT dimension 7000x4200x7250 11500x5500x7700 4200x4200x3500 3300x3300x2800 5000x5000x3400 6300x6300x2800

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Q76 Series Table Trolley Bogie Type Shot Blasting Machine for Flanges Big Heavy Parts Surface Cleaning