Servo Motor PLC Control Vacuum Sausage Filler Machine

Servo Motor PLC Control Vacuum Sausage Filler Machine

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The 2nd Era Servo Motor Vacuum Sausage Filler CZPT

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CZPT Vacuum Sausage Fillers CZPT For Sale

Vacuum Sausage filler ZKG Series is usually your 1st decision for continuous filling duties&period Most reputable vacuum sausage stuffer with rotary vane pumps proper for any-sized plants&period Mix the Vacuum StufferZKG &plus Mech&periodCZPT Double Clipper JCSK-A permits them to be excellent partner rapidly tailored to a wide variety of jobs in a sausage manufacturing plant&period of time

Vacuum Sausage Stuffer machine ZKG is built with a combination of Japan YASKAWA servo motor and Italy BONFIGILION &lparGerman&rpar decelerator as its drive technique&comma also that includes its male-equipment interface from ZheJiang &comma Japan Mitsubishi PLC and Germany Busch vacuum pump&period of time Important parts created by equipment heart with large precision&period of time All of pump&comma impeller and blade have are adopted the particular warmth therapy method&comma hugely easy area&comma easily to be cleaned up&period

Product Quantitative  Range &lparg&rpar Energy&lparkw&rpar Stuffing and Kinking  Speed &lparTimes&solMin&time period&rpar Quantitative Deviation  &lparminced meat&rpar &lparg&rpar   Hopper Volume&lparL&rpar   Voltage&lparv&rpar   Excess weight&lparKg&rpar   Size&lparmm&rpar
 ZKG-3000  6-9999  7&period9  0-600  &pm2  160  380  590  1350x861x1710
 ZKG-3500  6-9999  8&period35  0-600  &pm2  240  380  630  2450x1180x1800
 ZKG-5000  6-9999  9&period2  0-600  &pm2  240  380  750   2450x1180x1800
 ZKG-7500  6-9999  10  0-600  &pm2  240  380  830   2450x1180x1800

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Yuanchang Foods Mechanism & CZPT co&periodLtd
Yuanchang Food System & CZPT co&periodLtd set up in 1986&comma procedures a group of excellent specialists and competent specialists&time period Distinguished ourselves through our top quality and trustworthiness&periodWe specialized in making different sort of meat sausage processing equipment for sausage taking part in the Top Function in the China’s meat machinery market dealing with most Meat CZPT Homeowners for a lot of several years&period of time We invented new style pneumatic aluminum-coil twin clipper & CZPT CZPT twin clipper which have changed the previous kinds&comma contemplate originator of the complete machine’s motion&interval Planning distinct needs of the machinery will be attainable&period The fantastic high quality we manufactured&comma advanced technique&comma ample strength&comma it retains sophisticated skilled engineering in domestic meat make as nicely as customer’s substantial praise&period of time That’s why occupies the excellent financial and social efficiency for buyers and company&period of time
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Servo Motor PLC Control Vacuum Sausage Filler Machine