Silicone Rubber Sigma Blade Kneader with Ce Certification

Silicone Rubber Sigma Blade Kneader with Ce Certification

CZPT composition:
Like kneading/mixing method, equipment foundation, hydraulic method, transmission method, electrical management system, heating program (optional), cooling method (optional), vacuum system (optional) 
—- Discharge: Tilting discharging
CZPT extruding discharging 
Ball valve/bottom plate ( manual, electrical, pneumatic)

—- Heating: electric heating, hot drinking water heating, hot oil heating, steam heating
CZPT: Z blades drinking water cooling, mixing chamber with jacket for cooling objective. 
—- Vacuum method: water-ring vacuum pump and buffer tank.

Quantity(L) five ten one hundred three hundred five hundred one thousand 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000
Rotation Pace(rpm) 33 23 33 23 35 22 37 21 37   21 35  25 30  16 30  sixteen 38  27 38    27 38    27
Major Motor Energy(kw) .seventy five one.1 three-7.five eleven-30 15-37 22-ninety 22-ninety 30-a hundred and ten thirty-a hundred and ten 45-a hundred and ten 55-132
Steam: Strain
CZPTtric: Electricity
1 one 4 9 sixteen.two 27 32.four forty 72 72 ninety six
Vacuum(MPa) -.094 (Vacuum Kneader)
Stress(MPa) .45 (Strain Kneader) .35 (Strain Kneader) .three(Force Kneader)
Fat(kg) 300 four hundred 1250 1600 3000 4500 5800 6500 ~11000 ~13000 ~21000

5l-5000l sigma kneader , stainless steel, hydraulic tilting the chamber, screw extruder, ex-evidence,
dress in resistant  liner, weighty-obligation, vacuum technique, cooling, heating system, screw extruder, control cabinet, cutter, filter.

1. Limited transient:

Every single set of sigma kneader has two parts of sigma blades inside the w kind mixing chamber. It is commonly employed to knead, blend, crush, disperse and re-polymerize substantial viscosity paste or elastoplastic materials, which can not be processed by the common powder mixers and liquid blenders.

It is the best tools for all sorts of chemical items and has the benefits of stirring evenly, kneading effectively and no dead corner.

2. Employs:

Sigma kneader is suited to make carbon fiber, cmc, bmc, dmc, construction adhesives, silicone sealant, silicone rubber, bubble gum, chewing gum, cellulose, and is also utilized in batteries, ink, pigments, dyes, prescribed drugs, resins, plastics, rubber, cosmetics and other industries.

3. Performances:

1) PLC handle and document the temperature, time, viscosity and other appropriate data in true time during manufacturing.
2) getting in contact with areas are manufactured of stainless metal, to make certain product’s high quality.
3) the sigma kneader can be used for the substantial-viscosity paste or plastic reliable with inadequate mobility close to 50000pa. S, and the jacket can be heated or cooled by the warmth transfer oil or water. According to the unique requirements, the plant can be made to function in a vacuum.

4. Notes:

(1) our firm can layout the equipment in accordance to user’s certain demands.
(2) for the rapidly update of the technological innovation, we will modify the specialized info with out notice, and the proper parameters are subject matter to the true product.
(3) if you are not specific of which variety to pick, make sure you call us and our occupation product sales engineers will recommend for you.

Silicone Rubber Sigma Blade Kneader with Ce Certification