Small 5cbm Water Tank Street Sweeper Road Cleaning Truck

Small 5cbm Water Tank Street Sweeper Road Cleaning Truck

Little 5cbm H2o Tank Road Sweeper Road Cleansing Truck

Large Pressure H2o Clean Street Sweeper Truck Common Configuration

Truck design CLW5110TXSD5
Chassis design EQ1110SJ8BDC
Wheelbase 3800mm
Front/rear suspension 1130/2070 mm
Engine product Chassis engine CY4102-E3C  
Spare engine JE493-G3
Engine charge Chassis engine 88kw, 3856cc, 120hp
Spare motor 57 kW
Max upgrade angle thirty%
Emission CZPT Eu three
Accelerating outside sounds ≤84dB(A)
Max speed 103 km/h
Strategy angle 21°
Departure angle 13°
Fat specifications Kurb weight 7045 kg
Entire weight 11450kg
Dimension requirements Total dimension 7000×2200×2750mm
Least peak over floor 250 mm
Higher stress cleanse Clear velocity three~20 Km/h
Thoroughly clean width 3 m
Drinking water force 12 MPa
Drinking water pump flow 115 L/min
Clear  and suction overall performance Cleaning effectiveness ≥95%
Optimum suction particle measurement 110 mm
Thoroughly clean and suction width 3 m
Max cleanse ability 60000 m2/h
Disc brush dimension ≥400 mm
  Clear and suction velocity 3-20 km/h
Tank Drinking water tank volume 5 m³
Dust tank Dust tank volume 5 m³
Dump bin tilting angle ≥46°
Discharge door opening angle ≥85°
CZPT program Model Open, electrical handle
Major areas Equipment pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, solenoid valve
Program stress 16 MPa
Oil tank 60 L
Oil temperature 60 ˚C
CZPTtrical method
Model DC24 V
Voltage 24 V   
CZPTery 24 V
Drinking water spray system Significant parts CZPTtric diaphragm pumps, h2o filters, nozzles, and many others.
Sweeping devise Modle Middle two swabs, pushed by a hydraulic motor, and the entrance proper can be managed independently, with a evasive reply operate.
Brush diameter 850 mm
Brush angle Tilt ahead: 4-six levels Tilt: 4-7 levels
Sucking plate Design Double suction, hydraulic handle, spring suspension.
Suction plate diameter 180 mm
Suction plate width 1800mm
Substantial pressure water  system Product publish pump
No:. Germany PT36
Technique strain 10 MPa
Velocity 1150 r/min
H2o valve product CZPT stress ball valve.
Water valve pressure 7 MPa
Spray nozzles product Higher strain washing kind
H2o filter Mesh variety

Truck Resources

No:. Product QTY REMARK
1 Hearth hose 2  
2 Fireplace wrench one  
3 Drinking water filter wrench 1  
4 High stress water jet gun 1  
5 Spare tire 1  
6 Guide hydraulic pump rocker one  

Truck spare areas

No:. Product QTY
one Brushing forty four
two Suction cup front rubber 1
three After the suction cup 1
4 Fan belt 5
five Drinking water pump belt three
six Casters four
7 O-rings and blend washers  
eight Middle baffle rubber one
9 Seal 1

CZPT configurations

No. Product Sort CZPTr
one High stress h2o pump PF36 Germany CZPT
two CZPT unloading after valve VB200/a hundred and fifty Germany CZPT
three Flood valve VS200-180 Germany CZPT
4 Nozzle B1/4MEG CZPTica spray firm
5 Liquid stage switch LME200B5/24V Italy SOFIMA
6 CPU 6ES7 214-1AD23-OXB0 Germany SIEMENS
seven Digital quantity extension module 6ES7 223-1PH22-OXA0 Germany SIEMENS
8 The central distribution box DVEC CZPTica COOPER
9 Stepping motor CZPTica Haydn
10 Switchgear cabinet NE-AG Korea HIBOX
11 Change Handle   Japan IDEC
twelve Proximity change NBB10-30GM50-E0 PEPPRL FUCHS
13 Suction pipe   NORRES
fourteen CZPT motor BMR125 Brevini
15 CZPT valve SWH-G02-C4-D2H Radix stemonae machines

Merchandise Characteristics
one, function introduction
1) The vehicle integrates the operate of sweeper, sprinkler and substantial-stress cleaning car, which can complete the capabilities of cleaning, substantial-stress cleaning, highway washing and sewage collection in one particular procedure.
two) The arrangement of the functioning gadget adopts “medium two vertical sweep + medium wide nozzle (created-in substantial strain h2o spray bar) + center large stress side spray bar”. It has different capabilities this sort of as street cleaning, road washing, substantial force cleaning, suppress stone scrubbing, garbage assortment, sewage restoration, large force spray and road wall cleaning.
3) Undertake innovative intelligent control mode. When the procedure method is chosen, the startup and shutdown of every single operating system are automatically controlled by the plan. The procedure mode consists of a total cleansing operation, a still left cleaning procedure, a right cleaning procedure, a full sweep operation, a left sweep operation, a correct sweep procedure, and a pure suction operation method.
4) Equipped with innovative voice prompt alarm unit, it can accurately report a variety of security suggestions and faults. The motor vehicle has a reverse defense device that immediately retracts the operating system when reversing.
5) Adopting a double-suction extremely-broad nozzle with a diameter of 180mm. The constructed-in prolonged-row large-force h2o spray bar has a tiny ground clearance and a big influence drive, and can straight ship the sewage to the suction port, and the operation splash is little, and the sewage suction price is large. In accordance to the road area pollution, the washing angle of the lengthy discharge nozzle to the highway area can be altered to make the cleaning impact greater.
6) The auxiliary engine is outfitted with a clutch for the car. When starting up and halting, the cylinder drives the clutch to be disengaged and engages after the delay. The separation and engagement of the clutch is immediately managed by the electronic manage system, getting rid of the need to have for manual procedure and properly avoiding harm to the fan, substantial force water pump and motor.
seven) The substantial-force h2o pump adopts the German imported pump. When the substantial-stress water pump begins and the operating water valve switches, the water pump can routinely unload. The triple safety of the air circulation, basic safety valve and relief valve efficiently helps prevent harm to the higher force water pump.
8) Anti-overflow alarm unit and substantial-strain spray cleaning device are set up in the garbage can. The anti-overflow alarm unit can avert the CZPTary sewage from overflowing from the suction pipe throughout the sewage operation the high-stress spray cleaning device can automatically clear the sewage tank following dumping the rubbish, thus tremendously decreasing the labor intensity of the operator. The rear of the car is equipped with a mechanical automated winding flushing reel with 18m high-pressure hose for cleaning the entire body and other tools and services.
9) There is a reduced h2o stage sensing alarm method in the water tank, which routinely alarms when there is no drinking water to avoid the h2o pump from being ruined by h2o scarcity.
ten) Set substantial-definition monitoring probes on the appropriate aspect of the right and the rear of the garbage can, and set a large-definition liquid crystal screen in the cab. The display screen can be switched to the proper placement of the disc and the rear placement of the trash can. The functioning situations and the good quality of the complete vehicle are monitored.
11) CZPT technique gear pump adopts domestic substantial-high quality pump and has dependable performance. The producer of valve components is a single of the most professional hydraulic part makers in the entire world.
12) A handbook pump is added to the hydraulic method to make the program are unsuccessful to function appropriately when the program encounters specific conditions. The handbook pump can be utilized to full the dumping of the rubbish and the reset of every single hydraulic cylinder. With anti-hydraulic leakage operate.
thirteen) The electrical system is instantly controlled by PLC program. The controller adopts imported German brand and has reputable efficiency.
2. Functions introduction
1) The CZPT ZheJiang g DFL1160BX5 kind II auto chassis is modified, and the motor is Cummins IV emission. The CZPTary motor is Cummins EQB160-twenty
2) Adopting the arrangement of the entrance of the thoroughly clean drinking water tank and the rear of the garbage box, the semi-enclosed auxiliary engine compartment, the left and right corner doorway + the double facet door, the staff can very easily enter, the general framework is compact, and the routine maintenance is handy
three) The grounding force of the aspect sweeping brush method adopts the spring adjustment method. When working, the sweeping grounding strain can be adjusted at any time according to the street surface issue to reduce the sweeping wear
4) The substantial-pressure drinking water pump and the drinking water nozzle are all imported goods. The h2o pump is a stainless metal pump head with a force of up to 160 Bar and a highest stream of 154 L/min, which is far better for paving the street surface area
5) The hydraulic valve in the hydraulic program adopts electromagnetic reversing valve, which is neatly arranged and effortless to sustain. The hydraulic motor adopts imported brand name merchandise, the hydraulic system of the whole automobile runs reliably, the motion is sensitive and efficient, and the transferring factors have no crawling phenomenon
six) Unique large-stress centrifugal supporter, the greatest air volume can attain 12000m3/h, the blade substance is manufactured of specific metal, and its unique blade condition is very tough to wear
7) Exclusive side sweeping brush anti-collision system can effectively defend the aspect sweeping mechanism, which can avoid injury caused by the flushing system hitting the road tooth at any time
eight) It can cleanse, clean and absorb rubbish and sewage at the same time by utilizing the initial sweep, the again flush and the reabsorption. No dust after street perform, no h2o accumulation
9) The high-strain waterway is equipped with a quick-injection anti-freeze h2o blowing gadget interface to avoid freezing of waterway elements during lower temperature in winter season
ten) The rubbish can is made of 304 stainless metal plate, which has outstanding anti-corrosion efficiency
11) The key parts of electrical parts undertake large-top quality imported factors, and the procedure manage adopts one particular-button operation, which can recognize nine types of operation modes, and the handle adopts PLC programming controller to comprehend
twelve) Adopting cylinder push, electrical automatic management of car clutch to make sure no-load start-up of the auxiliary motor, no load end, and lengthen provider life
13) It is equipped with flushing winch and flushing gun with automatic retracting function. The circulation charge of the flushing gun is higher and the stress is higher. It can vigorously flush the nearby oil stain location and clean small advertisements.
14) With voice alarm gadget, it can understand fault self-analysis purpose
15) The rear guard rail is geared up with a row of high-strain nozzles with spray dust reduction purpose
16) With lower strain flushing purpose, the highest flushing width can get to 24m.
17) The box physique adopts a triangular bending form, which has novel physical appearance and substantial power.

High Force H2o Clear Highway Sweeper Truck Main Areas:

Higher Force Drinking water Thoroughly clean Highway Sweeper Truck Ability From 5 Cubics to 20 Cubics

Large Force Drinking water Thoroughly clean Highway Sweeper Major Functions Exhibition and Making use of At Site 

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Small 5cbm Water Tank Street Sweeper Road Cleaning Truck