Vacuum Hot Press Sintering Furnace PLC Automatic Control Industrial Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Hot Press Sintering Furnace PLC Automatic Control Industrial Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Sizzling Press Sintering furnace PLC automatic control industrial vacuum furnace

Application of Vacuum Hot Press Sintering furnace PLC automatic control industrial vacuum furnace 

The vacuum sizzling force furnaces is employed varieties of ceramic as underneath:
metallurgy(MIM and CIM), cemented carbide, specialized ceramics (MLCC, LTCC, HTCC), 3D-CZPT and so on.

The vacuum sintering furnace is mostly composed of: h2o cooled steel container with double layer, heating chamber, vacuum method, hydraulic technique, cooling water system, protective ambiance method, manage technique.

Sinter HIP furnace series are designed to integrate the features of strain de-waxing, vacuum de-waxing, vacuum sintering, TORVAC, partial strain sintering, stress sintering, environment sintering, quickly cooling and and so on.With atmosphere sintering operate, approach gases like Ar, H2, CH4 and N2 could be employed to control chamber environment of de-waxing and sintering procedure.Horizontal style for straightforward loading, unloading and maintenance.CZPT control in the course of total method.

Features of Vacuum Scorching Push Sintering furnace PLC automated manage industrial vacuum furnace

one. CZPT human body: double layer 304 stainless metal h2o-cooling construction, precision sprucing, which is conducive to shorten the extraction time, and is easy to clean


2. CZPT protect: double-layer water-cooled composition, with 304 inside and outside the house partitions and precision sprucing treatment method, and cooling water in the center.


three. Heating, warmth preservation and temperature measurement technique: the heating system employs graphite cylindrical heater to not only assure the best temperature uniformity and the artifact of uniform warmth, but aid the maintenance and replacement of heating components. The heat insulation display on the facet and the bottom is made of a composite insulation layer composed of hard felt and gentle felt, which is processed into an integral heat insulation technique. The equipment adopts Silicon controlled to control temperature , equipped with PID operate instrument, electronic screen meter, with more than temperature sound and mild alarm perform. It can also pick PLC touch panel to attain automatically control, and keep historic data to be straightforward to analyze the sinter approach.


4. Vacuum system: it is composed of oil diffusion pump, roots pump, mechanical pump equipped with electromagnetic differential pressure valve (to stop unexpected electrical power failure and mechanical pump oil backward), filling valve, air release valve, vacuum butterfly valve, vacuum force gauge (Pa), corrugated pipe, vacuum pipeline and assistance, and so on.

five. Inflation method: it is composed of different pipelines and valves, equipped with electromagnetic deflation valve and stress sensor. It will instantly discharge gasoline When the stress in the furnace is larger than the safety value. Needle valve is installed on the gasoline tube, which can manage the inflating quantity, and is used to fill argon and nitrogen in the ambiance essential for sintering approach.

Techanical parameters of Vacuum Very hot Push Sintering furnace PLC computerized control industrial vacuum furnace

Product Heating component Max,temp Supreme vacuum Strain Functioning measurement Energy
Quantity Protective
HIQ-22HP-nine Molybdenum/Tungsten
1700/2400 six.7X10-4Pa 10T Dia90*a hundred and twenty 25 .seven N2,Ar,H2 and so forth
HIQ-22HP-fifteen 20T Dia150*a hundred and sixty forty two.eight
HIQ-22HP-eighteen 20T Dia180*two hundred sixty five five
HIQ-22HP-24 50T Dia240*250 80 ten
HIQ-22HP-thirty 100T Dia300*320 one hundred twenty 20
HIQ-22HP-fifty 100T Dia500*800 a hundred and sixty a hundred and fifty
HIQ-22HP-sixty five 100T Dia650*800 250 250
HIQ-22HP-fifty seven 100T Dia750*1500 five hundred 650
HIQ-22HP-ninety 100T Dia200*2000 750 1200

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Vacuum Hot Press Sintering Furnace PLC Automatic Control Industrial Vacuum Furnace