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China Custom Paper Making Machinery Outlet Pulping Equipment Roots Vacuum Pump vacuum pump diy

Product Description

 Paper making machinery outlet pulping equipment roots vacuum pump

Product description
Roots vacuum pump is also known as the mechnical booster which is a positive displacement type pump. It is 1 of the special pumps which can reach middle, high vacuum rang. Its work principle is similar to the Root fan. Both of them used a pair of rotors, whose shape looks like 8, to achieve the suction and discharge process.According to the technical that the plenty of vapor and solvent is required to pump in the mechnical, pharmacy areas, we have improved the seal type of the bearing housing and gear box of the ZJ series Roots pump to reduce the emulsification of the pump oil efficiently and make the Roots pump more suitable to assemble with the water ring vacuum pump to suction more vapor and solvent .

Product name Roots vacuum pump
Model ZBK16
Max pumping 15m³/min
Rated pumping 11m³/min
Rated vacuum 40kpa
Rated rotary speed 400r/min
Input output diameter 200mm
Motor power 22kw
Equip V-belt B-type 4500
Weight 890kg
SIZE 1100*750*1250mm
Material Cast iron(HT250)

Hot sales
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Company information
Aotian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Trade market:
Our machines sell good in more than 30 countries,such as Nigeria, Egypt, Uzibekistan, Pakistan, America,Uganda,Turkey,Brazil,Fiji,Paraguay,Syria,Lybia,Ethiopia,etc.We have established good relationship with many foreign countries because of our good quality and perfect service.Also we have good relationship with local traders.
What we can provide:
1.1092,1575,1760,1880,2400,2640,2800,3200mm paper machine
2.pulp making equipment
3.paper making equipment 
4.paper processing equipment
Best Service:
1.We will provide you all technical consultation and make the drawing and proposal for you.
2.We will send technicians to install and test the machine fo you.
3.We will train skilled workers for you.
4.We will supply best pre-sale, after-sales for you.

The company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, self-supporting and export rights.

We go to world famous exhibitions every year.
Constantly promote and publicize the company’s brand, to the majority of customers to show the strength and image of the company.The high concentration of visitor flow, information flow and capital flow in the exhibition can help our company learn from each other and improve its competitiveness.

Company team building
Our company holds a team building every month to enhance team cohesion and promote the feelings between employees, so we are a happy family

Our Service
Before Purchase
1.Offering comprehensive technical and business consultation services; 
2.Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients;
3.Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients; 
4.Training periodically high qualified service technician.
After purchase
1.Highly inspecting equipment in every working procedure, quality comes first;
2.Fast & Safe Delivery; 
3.Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipment;  
4.Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipment; 
5.Training the first-line operators on site; 
6.Regularly visit clients to solve production problems;
7.Providing life-long maintenance service;
8.Providing technical exchanging; 
Our customer
Our machines sell good in more than 30 countries,such as Nigeria, Egypt, Uzibekistan, Pakistan, America,Uganda,Turkey,Brazil,Fiji,Paraguay,Syria,Lybia,Ethiopia,etc.
We have established good relationship with many foreign countries because of our good quality and perfect service.

Products will packaged according to their shapes, weight, transport distance and transport modes.
Large machines will be packaged in sections.every part export machinery will be in standard export package seaworthy wooden case waterproof film, straw rope, carton box etc.
Sea transportation is from HangZhou seaports or other china main ports.
The delivery time is decided by machine types.But we also try to make it follows your needs.

1.Q:Are you a manufacture?
A: Yes,we have been in providing the professional products in this field for 30 years.
2.Q:How to install the machine?
A:we can help with the installation by video,email,picture.if it is a large project,we can arrange our worker help you to install it in your country.
3.Q:How do you pack the products?
A:Normally as the export standard packaging or as your requirement.
4.Q:What’s your available port of shipment?
A:HangZhou port,ZheJiang port and so on.
5.Q:Is it customized available?
A:Yes,according to your detailed drawing you provided.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Thank you!

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After-sales Service: 1 Year
Warranty: 1 Year
Certification: ISO 9001:2000, CE


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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

roots vacuum pump

What Is the Significance of Roots Vacuum Pumps in the Aerospace Sector?

Roots vacuum pumps play a significant role in various applications within the aerospace sector. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Space Simulation Chambers:

– Vacuum Simulation: Roots vacuum pumps are utilized in space simulation chambers to create and maintain vacuum conditions similar to the space environment. These chambers are used to test and simulate the performance of aerospace components and systems under low-pressure conditions, including the effects of vacuum on materials, electronics, and mechanical systems.

– Thermal Vacuum Testing: Roots pumps are crucial in thermal vacuum testing, where aerospace components and systems are subjected to extreme temperature and vacuum conditions. The pumps help evacuate the test chamber and maintain the required vacuum level, enabling accurate thermal testing and evaluation of aerospace equipment’s performance and functionality in space-like conditions.

2. Propellant Handling and Storage:

– Rocket Engine Testing: Roots vacuum pumps are employed in rocket engine testing facilities for propellant handling and storage. They assist in creating a vacuum environment during the propellant loading and purging processes, ensuring the removal of air or contaminants from the propellant tanks and lines. This helps maintain the propellant’s quality and prevents potential issues, such as cavitation or gas bubble formation, that could affect engine performance.

– Fuel Systems: Roots pumps are used in aerospace fuel systems to evacuate and degas the fuel tanks, ensuring the removal of air or gas bubbles that may compromise fuel delivery and engine operation. These pumps contribute to the overall efficiency, reliability, and safety of fuel systems in aerospace vehicles.

3. Environmental Control Systems (ECS):

– Cabin Pressure Control: Roots vacuum pumps are utilized in the environmental control systems of aircraft and spacecraft to help control cabin pressure. By creating a vacuum or adjusting the air circulation, these pumps assist in maintaining the desired cabin pressure levels, ensuring passenger comfort, and providing a safe and controlled environment during flight.

4. Avionics and Electronics:

– Electronic Component Testing: Roots vacuum pumps are employed in the testing and validation of avionics and electronic components used in aerospace applications. These pumps assist in creating a controlled vacuum environment during testing, allowing engineers to evaluate the performance, reliability, and durability of electronic systems under low-pressure conditions.

– Vacuum Encapsulation: In certain aerospace applications, electronic components or circuits may require vacuum encapsulation for protection against harsh environmental conditions, including high altitude, temperature variations, or moisture. Roots vacuum pumps are utilized to create the necessary vacuum environment for the encapsulation process, ensuring the integrity and longevity of sensitive electronics.

5. Space Propulsion Systems:

– Ion Thrusters and Electric Propulsion: Roots vacuum pumps are integral components of ion thrusters and electric propulsion systems used in spacecraft. These pumps aid in the creation and maintenance of the high vacuum conditions required for the operation of these advanced propulsion technologies. They contribute to the efficient exhaust gas removal, ensuring optimal thrust generation and fuel efficiency.

6. Satellite Manufacturing and Testing:

– Satellite Chamber Evacuation: Roots vacuum pumps are utilized in satellite manufacturing and testing facilities for the evacuation of satellite chambers. These pumps help create the required vacuum conditions during satellite assembly, testing, and payload integration, ensuring the cleanliness, functionality, and performance of satellite systems and instruments.

In summary, Roots vacuum pumps have significant significance in the aerospace sector. They are utilized in space simulation chambers, propellant handling and storage, environmental control systems, avionics and electronics testing, space propulsion systems, and satellite manufacturing and testing. By creating and maintaining vacuum conditions, Roots pumps contribute to the performance, reliability, and safety of aerospace components, systems, and vehicles. They play a vital role in supporting space exploration, satellite communication, and the advancement of aerospace technologies.

roots vacuum pump

Are Roots Vacuum Pumps Used in Industrial Applications?

Yes, Roots vacuum pumps are widely used in various industrial applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of their application in industrial settings:

1. Chemical Processing: Roots vacuum pumps find extensive use in the chemical processing industry. They are employed for processes such as vacuum distillation, solvent recovery, drying, and degassing. Their high pumping speed and ability to handle corrosive gases make them suitable for handling various chemical vapors and byproducts.

2. Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry, Roots vacuum pumps are utilized for applications such as vacuum drying, tablet coating, freeze drying, and vacuum packaging. Their oil-free operation ensures a clean and contaminant-free vacuum environment, which is crucial for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

3. Food Processing: Roots vacuum pumps play a significant role in the food processing industry. They are employed for vacuum packaging, vacuum cooling, and vacuum drying of food products. The oil-free operation of Roots vacuum pumps ensures food safety and eliminates the risk of contamination.

4. Environmental Technology: Roots vacuum pumps are utilized in environmental technology applications, including wastewater treatment, biogas processing, and air pollution control. They are employed to extract gases, control emissions, and facilitate the treatment and purification of air and water.

5. Semiconductor Manufacturing: In the semiconductor industry, Roots vacuum pumps are used for processes such as ion implantation, physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and etching. Their high pumping speed and oil-free operation are crucial for maintaining clean vacuum conditions required in semiconductor fabrication.

6. Packaging and Printing: Roots vacuum pumps are employed in packaging and printing applications. They are used for vacuum packaging of products, vacuum forming of packaging materials, and in printing presses for paper handling and ink transfer.

7. Automotive Industry: Roots vacuum pumps find application in the automotive industry for processes such as brake system vacuum assist, crankcase ventilation, and emissions control systems. They help create vacuum conditions required for the operation of various automotive systems.

8. Research and Laboratory: Roots vacuum pumps are utilized in research laboratories and scientific facilities for a wide range of applications. They are used in vacuum ovens, freeze dryers, vacuum filtration, electron microscopy, surface analysis, and other laboratory processes that require controlled vacuum environments.

9. Energy Industry: In the energy sector, Roots vacuum pumps are used for applications such as steam turbine condenser air extraction, transformer drying, and vacuum impregnation of electrical components. They help maintain proper vacuum conditions for efficient and reliable operation of energy systems.

These are just a few examples of the industrial applications where Roots vacuum pumps are commonly used. Their high pumping speed, large gas handling capacity, oil-free operation, reliability, and versatility make them suitable for a wide range of industrial processes that require efficient and reliable vacuum generation.

China Custom Paper Making Machinery Outlet Pulping Equipment Roots Vacuum Pump   vacuum pump diyChina Custom Paper Making Machinery Outlet Pulping Equipment Roots Vacuum Pump   vacuum pump diy
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China Good quality Culture Paper Mill Pulp Making Machinery Roots Vacuum Pump a/c vacuum pump

Product Description

Culture Paper Mill Pulp Making Machinery Roots Vacuum Pump

Technical Parameters

Roots vacuum pump is characterized by: quick start, less power consumption, low operation and maintenance costs, pumping speed, high efficiency, to be pumped gas contained in a small amount of steam and dust is not sensitive, in the range of 100 ~ 1 pa pressure has a large pumping rate, can quickly exclude the sudden release of air. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, papermaking and other industries.

Technical Parmeters

Roots vacuum Pump








Max.extraction quantity(m³/min)







Rated extraction quantity(m³/min)







Rated vacuum degree(kpa)







Rated Rotation Speed(r/min)







Inlet and outlet diameter(mm)







Equipped Motor













Equipped V-Belt














Overall size(L×W×H)














Hot Sales

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Company Information
Aotian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985, according to the modern enterprise mechanism into a large-scale standardized joint-stock enterprises, with 278 workers,including 23 engineers and technicians,15 senior engineers.In general, CHINAMFG is in the leading place of paper-making industry in China .
We will provide whole services according to our clients’ demand, like technical design, equipment production, installation and test instruction and so on. We will meet and exceed your expectations. Please contact our custom service for details.

Our Customer

These are our clients in Iran ,Pakistan and India.
Our products are sold to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Package & Shipping

products will packaged according to their shapes, weight, transport distance and transport modes.Large machines will be packaged in sections.every part export machinery will be in standard export package seaworthy wooden case waterproof film, straw rope, carton box etc
sea transportation is from HangZhou seaports or other china main ports.
the delivery time is decided by machine types.But we also try to make it follows your needs.

Customer Feedback
Our Products have sold to many countries,and won customer’s good reputation.

Our Service
Service first
1.To provide you with the transformation and upgrading of plant equipment programs, in order to improve the yield and quality
2.Always online to answer technical questions
3.The customer arrives China, accompanied this translation facility until send customers back
4.send engineers to the customer’s national installation and commissioning of the machine, to ensure the normal operation of the machine
5.Our products can guarantee excellent quality, if there is any quality problems, we flew to your country for your free service


1.Q:Are you a manufacture?

A: Yes,we have been in providing the professional products in this field for 30 years.

2.Q:How to install the machine?

A:we can help with the installation by vedio,email,picture.if it is a large project,we can arrange our worker help you to install it in your country.

3.Q:How do you pack the products?

A:Normally as the export standard packaging or as your requirement.

4.Q:What’s your available port of shipment?

A:HangZhou port,ZheJiang port and so on.

5.Q:Is it customized available?

A:Yes,according to your detailed drawing you provided.

Contact Us

As most paper machinery products, pulping equipments, roll products need to be customized, the prices and sample prices shown on our product details page are for reference only, please contact our professional customer service and tell us your specifications and sizes, you will get a more reasonable and exciting price! 

After-sales Service: 6 Month
Warranty: 6 Month
Certification: RoHS, ISO 9001:2000
US$ 5000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

vacuum pump

How Are Vacuum Pumps Employed in the Production of Electronic Components?

Vacuum pumps play a crucial role in the production of electronic components. Here’s a detailed explanation:

The production of electronic components often requires controlled environments with low or no atmospheric pressure. Vacuum pumps are employed in various stages of the production process to create and maintain these vacuum conditions. Here are some key ways in which vacuum pumps are used in the production of electronic components:

1. Deposition Processes: Vacuum pumps are extensively used in deposition processes, such as physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which are commonly employed for thin film deposition on electronic components. These processes involve the deposition of materials onto substrates in a vacuum chamber. Vacuum pumps help create and maintain the necessary vacuum conditions required for precise and controlled deposition of the thin films.

2. Etching and Cleaning: Etching and cleaning processes are essential in the fabrication of electronic components. Vacuum pumps are used to create a vacuum environment in etching and cleaning chambers, where reactive gases or plasmas are employed to remove unwanted materials or residues from the surfaces of the components. The vacuum pumps help evacuate the chamber and ensure the efficient removal of byproducts and waste gases.

3. Drying and Bake-out: Vacuum pumps are utilized in the drying and bake-out processes of electronic components. After wet processes, such as cleaning or wet etching, components need to be dried thoroughly. Vacuum pumps help create a vacuum environment that facilitates the removal of moisture or solvents from the components, ensuring their dryness before subsequent processing steps. Additionally, vacuum bake-out is employed to remove moisture or other contaminants trapped within the components’ materials or structures, enhancing their reliability and performance.

4. Encapsulation and Packaging: Vacuum pumps are involved in the encapsulation and packaging stages of electronic component production. These processes often require the use of vacuum-sealed packaging to protect the components from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, or oxidation. Vacuum pumps assist in evacuating the packaging materials, creating a vacuum-sealed environment that helps maintain the integrity and longevity of the electronic components.

5. Testing and Quality Control: Vacuum pumps are utilized in testing and quality control processes for electronic components. Some types of testing, such as hermeticity testing, require the creation of a vacuum environment for evaluating the sealing integrity of electronic packages. Vacuum pumps help evacuate the testing chambers, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.

6. Soldering and Brazing: Vacuum pumps play a role in soldering and brazing processes for joining electronic components and assemblies. Vacuum soldering is a technique used to achieve high-quality solder joints by removing air and reducing the risk of voids, flux residuals, or oxidation. Vacuum pumps assist in evacuating the soldering chambers, creating the required vacuum conditions for precise and reliable soldering or brazing.

7. Surface Treatment: Vacuum pumps are employed in surface treatment processes for electronic components. These processes include plasma cleaning, surface activation, or surface modification techniques. Vacuum pumps help create the necessary vacuum environment where plasma or reactive gases are used to treat the component surfaces, improving adhesion, promoting bonding, or altering surface properties.

It’s important to note that different types of vacuum pumps may be used in electronic component production, depending on the specific process requirements. Commonly used vacuum pump technologies include rotary vane pumps, turbo pumps, cryogenic pumps, and dry pumps.

In summary, vacuum pumps are essential in the production of electronic components, facilitating deposition processes, etching and cleaning operations, drying and bake-out stages, encapsulation and packaging, testing and quality control, soldering and brazing, as well as surface treatment. They enable the creation and maintenance of controlled vacuum environments, ensuring precise and reliable manufacturing processes for electronic components.

vacuum pump

How Do Vacuum Pumps Contribute to Energy Savings?

Vacuum pumps play a significant role in energy savings in various industries and applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Vacuum pumps contribute to energy savings through several mechanisms and efficiencies. Some of the key ways in which vacuum pumps help conserve energy are:

1. Improved Process Efficiency: Vacuum pumps are often used to remove gases and create low-pressure or vacuum conditions in industrial processes. By reducing the pressure, vacuum pumps enable the removal of unwanted gases or vapors, improving the efficiency of the process. For example, in distillation or evaporation processes, vacuum pumps help lower the boiling points of liquids, allowing them to evaporate or distill at lower temperatures. This results in energy savings as less heat is required to achieve the desired separation or concentration.

2. Reduced Energy Consumption: Vacuum pumps are designed to operate efficiently and consume less energy compared to other types of equipment that perform similar functions. Modern vacuum pump designs incorporate advanced technologies, such as variable speed drives, energy-efficient motors, and optimized control systems. These features allow vacuum pumps to adjust their operation based on demand, reducing energy consumption during periods of lower process requirements. By consuming less energy, vacuum pumps contribute to overall energy savings in industrial operations.

3. Leak Detection and Reduction: Vacuum pumps are often used in leak detection processes to identify and locate leaks in systems or equipment. By creating a vacuum or low-pressure environment, vacuum pumps can assess the integrity of a system and identify any sources of leakage. Detecting and repairing leaks promptly helps prevent energy wastage associated with the loss of pressurized fluids or gases. By addressing leaks, vacuum pumps assist in reducing energy losses and improving the overall energy efficiency of the system.

4. Energy Recovery Systems: In some applications, vacuum pumps can be integrated into energy recovery systems. For instance, in certain manufacturing processes, the exhaust gases from vacuum pumps may contain heat or have the potential for energy recovery. By utilizing heat exchangers or other heat recovery systems, the thermal energy from the exhaust gases can be captured and reused to preheat incoming fluids or provide heat to other parts of the process. This energy recovery approach further enhances the overall energy efficiency by utilizing waste heat that would otherwise be lost.

5. System Optimization and Control: Vacuum pumps are often integrated into centralized vacuum systems that serve multiple processes or equipment. These systems allow for better control, monitoring, and optimization of the vacuum generation and distribution. By centralizing the vacuum production and employing intelligent control strategies, energy consumption can be optimized based on the specific process requirements. This ensures that vacuum pumps operate at the most efficient levels, resulting in energy savings.

6. Maintenance and Service: Proper maintenance and regular servicing of vacuum pumps are essential for their optimal performance and energy efficiency. Routine maintenance includes tasks such as cleaning, lubrication, and inspection of pump components. Well-maintained pumps operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption. Additionally, prompt repair of any faulty parts or addressing performance issues helps maintain the pump’s efficiency and prevents energy waste.

In summary, vacuum pumps contribute to energy savings through improved process efficiency, reduced energy consumption, leak detection and reduction, integration with energy recovery systems, system optimization and control, as well as proper maintenance and service. By utilizing vacuum pumps efficiently and effectively, industries can minimize energy waste, optimize energy usage, and achieve significant energy savings in various applications and processes.

vacuum pump

What Are the Primary Applications of Vacuum Pumps?

Vacuum pumps have a wide range of applications across various industries. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Industrial Processes:

Vacuum pumps play a vital role in numerous industrial processes, including:

– Vacuum Distillation: Vacuum pumps are used in distillation processes to lower the boiling points of substances, enabling separation and purification of various chemicals and compounds.

– Vacuum Drying: Vacuum pumps aid in drying processes by creating a low-pressure environment, which accelerates moisture removal from materials without excessive heat.

– Vacuum Packaging: Vacuum pumps are used in the food industry to remove air from packaging containers, prolonging the shelf life of perishable goods by reducing oxygen exposure.

– Vacuum Filtration: Filtration processes can benefit from vacuum pumps to enhance filtration rates by applying suction, facilitating faster separation of solids and liquids.

2. Laboratory and Research:

Vacuum pumps are extensively used in laboratories and research facilities for various applications:

– Vacuum Chambers: Vacuum pumps create controlled low-pressure environments within chambers for conducting experiments, testing materials, or simulating specific conditions.

– Mass Spectrometry: Mass spectrometers often utilize vacuum pumps to create the necessary vacuum conditions for ionization and analysis of samples.

– Freeze Drying: Vacuum pumps enable freeze-drying processes, where samples are frozen and then subjected to a vacuum, allowing the frozen water to sublimate directly from solid to vapor state.

– Electron Microscopy: Vacuum pumps are essential for electron microscopy techniques, providing the necessary vacuum environment for high-resolution imaging of samples.

3. Semiconductor and Electronics Industries:

High vacuum pumps are critical in the semiconductor and electronics industries for manufacturing and testing processes:

– Semiconductor Fabrication: Vacuum pumps are used in various stages of chip manufacturing, including deposition, etching, and ion implantation processes.

– Thin Film Deposition: Vacuum pumps create the required vacuum conditions for depositing thin films of materials onto substrates, as done in the production of solar panels, optical coatings, and electronic components.

– Leak Detection: Vacuum pumps are utilized in leak testing applications to detect and locate leaks in electronic components, systems, or pipelines.

4. Medical and Healthcare:

Vacuum pumps have several applications in the medical and healthcare sectors:

– Vacuum Assisted Wound Closure: Vacuum pumps are used in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), where they create a controlled vacuum environment to promote wound healing and removal of excess fluids.

– Laboratory Equipment: Vacuum pumps are essential in medical and scientific equipment such as vacuum ovens, freeze dryers, and centrifugal concentrators.

– Anesthesia and Medical Suction: Vacuum pumps are utilized in anesthesia machines and medical suction devices to create suction and remove fluids or gases from the patient’s body.

5. HVAC and Refrigeration:

Vacuum pumps are employed in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and refrigeration industries:

– Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems: Vacuum pumps are used during system installation, maintenance, and repair to evacuate moisture and air from refrigeration and air conditioning systems, ensuring efficient operation.

– Vacuum Insulation Panels: Vacuum pumps are utilized in the manufacturing of vacuum insulation panels, which offer superior insulation properties for buildings and appliances.

6. Power Generation:

Vacuum pumps play a role in power generation applications:

– Steam Condenser Systems: Vacuum pumps are used in power plants to remove non-condensable gases from steam condenser systems, improving thermal efficiency.

– Gas Capture: Vacuum pumps are utilized to capture and remove gases, such as hydrogen or helium, in nuclear power plants, research reactors, or particle accelerators.

These are just a few examples of the primary applications of vacuum pumps. The versatility and wide range of vacuum pump types make them essential in numerous industries, contributing to various manufacturing processes, research endeavors, and technological advancements.

China Good quality Culture Paper Mill Pulp Making Machinery Roots Vacuum Pump   a/c vacuum pump		China Good quality Culture Paper Mill Pulp Making Machinery Roots Vacuum Pump   a/c vacuum pump
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Pipe Extruder Pipe Making Machine Plastic Machinery Plastic Pipe Tube Extrusion Line Plastic Pipe Extrder Machine

Pipe Extruder Pipe Making Machine Plastic Machinery Plastic Pipe Tube Extrusion Line Plastic Pipe Extrder Machine

PE collection plastic pipe material generation line-PE800

PE sequence plastic pipe material production line is primarily utilised in the location of agricultural drinking water source method, architectural drinking water provide technique, pavement of cables, and so forth. This machine team is composed largely of vacuum calibrating tank, haul-off device, reducing device, tilter, and so forth. The single screw extruder and haul-off unit have applied imported A/C inverter, both vacuum pump and driving motor have applied outstanding goods. The haul-off device contains two-claw sort, 3-claw kind, four-claw sort, 6-claw kind, 8-claw sort, 10-claw sort, twelve-claw kind, and so forth. Scraps totally free slicing, observed cutting or planetary reducing can be utilized, the house of device group is reputable, the creation effectiveness is high.It has arrived at globe superior amount.
one.Large speed, large potential and low electricity consumption the quickest lineal speed up to 35m/min and electrical power preserving of thirty%
two.Accomplished co-extrusion with 1-5 layers and one mould with numerous output
3.High pace calibration and great cooling result with spiral mould structure style and particular pipe inner cooling system
four.Large speed materials feeding with unique spiral groove feeding layout and exterior drinking water jacket cooling
five.Outstanding shearing, mixing and steady extrusion with professional barrier type screw,  imaginative shearing and mixing style

Positive aspects of PE pipe extruding line:

  • Connection reliability: polyethylene pipe system connected between the use of electric hotmelt, the joint strength is higher than pipe body strength. 
  • good low temperature impact resistance: lowtemperature brittleness of polyethylene low temperature can be withina temperature range of subzero 60 to 60 degrees Celsius safe to use. CZPT in winter, because of materials,impact resistance is good, tube embrittlement will not occur.
  • Good stress cracking resistance: HDPE has a low gap sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent anti scratch capabilities, resistance to environmental stress cracking performance is also very prominent.
  • Good resistance to chemical corrosion: HDPE pipe can be resistant to a variety of chemical media, corrosion, chemical substances that exist in the soil will not cause any degradation of the pipeline. CZPTethylene is the electrical insulator, it will not happen rot, rust or electrochemical corrosion phenomenon In addition, it will not promote algae, bacteria or fungal growth.
  • Anti aging, long life: containing 2% to 2.5% of the uniform distribution of carbon black in polyethylene pipe can be outdoor storage or use of 50 years, will not be subjected to ultraviolet radiation damage. 
  • Abrasion resistance: HDPE Pipe and comparison tests showed the wear resistance of steel pipe, HDPE pipe 4 times the wear resistance of steel pipe. In the mud transportation field, as compared with the steel pipe, HDPE pipe has better wear resistance, which means that HDPE pipe has a longer life and better economy. 
  • Flexible good: HDPE pipe flexible makes it easy to bend, works by changing the pipes can be a way to bypass the obstacles towards, and in many occasions, the flexible pipe fittings to reduce consumption and lower installation costs
  • Flow resistance: HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface, the MHangZhou coefficient of 0.009. The performance smooth and non adhesion properties ensure the HDPE pipe has a higher than traditional pipe transmission capacity, but also reduce the pipeline pressure loss and water consumption.
Model Diameter(mm) Extruder type Max. Potential(kg/h) Max. Haul off velocity(m/min) Extrusion power(KW)
PE-sixty three Ф20-sixty three SJ60/33 or SJ65/33 one hundred twenty/a hundred and fifty twelve 45/fifty five
PE-a hundred and ten Ф20-110 SJ60/33 or SJ65/33 120/150 twelve 45/fifty five
PE-one hundred sixty Ф50-160 SJ75/33 350 10 a hundred and ten
PE-250 Ф75-250 SJ75/33 350 six a hundred and ten
PE-315 Ф90-315 SJ75/33 or SJ90/33 350/550 6 a hundred and ten/200
PE-450 Ф160-450 SJ90/33 550 4 200
PE-630 Ф315-630 SJ120/33 850 2 280
PE-800 Ф400-800 SJ120/33 850 two 280
PE-a thousand Ф630-1000 SJ150/33 1300 2 four hundred
PE-1200 Ф710-1200 SJ150/33 1300 1 four hundred
PE-1600 Ф1000-1600 (SJ120/33) X two one thousand-1700 .16 four hundred

HangZhou City Plasmen CZPTry CZPT Co.,Ltd is a specialist manufacturer specializing in generating & advertising and marketing plastic tools. We engaged in the plastic business in 23 years and all of our engineering crew and advertising and marketing individual have more than 15 years working experience. We devoted to developing some plastic machines with a specialist technology, fast services and affordable price tag, supply the ideal equipment for our international buyers. Our goal is” long term by top quality, World by services”
Plasmen has the power to layout and manufacture numerous sorts of tremendous mixers, the mixing units, computerized mixing & weighing & conveying system and plastic pipe extrusion line, and so forth. Plasmen devices are widely used in plastics, rubber, prescription drugs, dyes, foods, household chemical substances, wire and cable, building industries.
Our Mail merchandise are the subsequent:

  1. PPMELTBLOWN Fabric Creation LINE
  2. HDPEPIPE EXTRUSION LINE                          
  4. PVC PIPE EXTRUSION LINE                             
  5. SHR Sequence Tremendous MIXIER
  6. SHL Series COOLING MIXER                         
  11. Different AUXILIARY CZPT

Pipe Extruder Pipe Making Machine Plastic Machinery Plastic Pipe Tube Extrusion Line Plastic Pipe Extrder Machine

WPC Building Material Pipes and Profiles Making Machinery

WPC Building Material Pipes and Profiles Making Machinery

WPC Constructing Material Pipes and Profiles Generating CZPTry

The manufacturing line is composed by conical twin screw extruder, pipe mildew, vacuum calibration tank, haul off equipment, cutter and stacker and so on. The extruder and haul off adopts ABB or JAROL inverter, vacuum pump and motors adopt higher quality CZPT manufacturer. Haul off has two claws, three claws, four claws, six claws and eight claws for optional. For slicing has observed or planetary slicing kind, which furthermore hooked up with the meter counter and intensifying system. 


  1. Suitable to make U-PVC, C-PVC, M-PVC pipe extrusion, PVC Pipe extrusion line
  2. Optional to adopt conical twin screw extruder and parallel with twin screw extruder.
  3. CZPT formula for the pipe project.
  4. Lifestyle extended following sale provider and technology assistance.

Ms. Carolyn Zhou
Mobile: 13584426116

WPC Building Material Pipes and Profiles Making Machinery

PE HDPE Drip Irrigation Agriculture Plastic Cable Pipe Extruding|Extruder|Extrusion Making Machinery

Extrusion Making Machinery” src=”http://img.hzpt.com/uploads/images/ZHMedical/Vacuum-pump-5.jpg” alt=”PE HDPE Drip Irrigation Agriculture Plastic Cable Pipe ExtrudingMerchandise Data
PVC pipe extrusion line is largely employed for producting plastic pipe for agriculture drinking water source & sewage, for constructing industries h2o offer & sewage, for cable and wire laying.

The line consist of twin screw extruder, vacuum tank, cooling tank, haul-off device, cutter and storage desk.
Solitary extruder and haul-off device undertake intercontinental brand AC inverter speed handle, Vacuum pump and haul-off motor use top quality bgrand.

The extrusion line can produce stress drinking water pipes, drainage pipes, industrial pipes and cables duct. The screw structure for the corresponding made to meet the processing of high filling materials(Caco3) pipe requiement, according to the use of pipe, modify molds and the corresponding auxiliary products, can be processed produce UPVC pipe,CPVC pipe, PVC-M pipe, PVC-O pipe, foam core layer pipe, foam inside of the spiral hollow wall spiral pipe.

Haul-off can be equipped with two/four/six/8/ten/12 belt according to the pipe dimensions. Cutter can be swarfless, observed blade, or planetary slicing variety.

The line showcased by stable functionality and higher performance. This line can also produce PE PP inner sprial pipe, hollow pipe, and foaming pipe bychaning the configruation.
The line is fully CZPT manage, simple operation, stable efficiency, reaching international top level.

Optimized spiral die make sure the melt distribution uniform to make the pipe wall uniform and promise the pipe force. Equipped copper Vacuum calibration sleeve with drinking water lubrication ring, twin-chamber vacuum tank with spraying cooling and semicircular Nylon support, to make certain fast calibration, boost the production potential and reduced the procedure. These styles are specifically great for huge diameter pipe production and substantial speed manufacturing.

All of vacuum tank and drinking water cooling tank is made from stainless steel, twin water supply pipe line with filtration method, drinking water amount and temperature handle technique and optimized positioning of the bayonet-kind spray nozzles.
The twin or multi caterpillar haul-off unit is equipped with higher good quality rubber block or rubber belt(for large speed generation) accuracy driving and manage system make certain the pace stable and working reliable.

Precise non-scrap chopping equipment (less than 160mm) and planetary chopping device ensure the reducing area clean and uniform.

Extruder SJZ-51/105 SJZ-55/a hundred and ten SJZ-sixty five/132
Pipe diameter GF-63 16-63 sixteen-sixty three 50-a hundred and sixty 50-250
CZPT single pipe double pipes double pipes single pipe single pipe
Downstream equipment GF-63 GF-63*two GF-sixty three*2 GF-one hundred sixty GF-250
Total power 60 70 91 eighty five 86.five

For any inquiry, remember to make contact with us straight.
Mobile: -13917356326

<img style="height:auto" title="PE HDPE Drip Irrigation Agriculture Plastic Cable Pipe Extruding

Global Shining Corian Production Making Machinery

Global Shining Corian Production Making Machinery

CZPT SHINING Corian Creation Producing CZPTry

Merchandise Description

Corian Creation Producing CZPTry is a set of equipment that our factory has meticulously produced for Strong Surface area generation. Numerous kinds and measurements can be made to obtain the organic marble result.

The tools is of easy procedure, easy construction, basic routine maintenance and high generation performance.

  1. Crushing method
  2. Mixing program
  3. Vehicle vacuum pouring and casting program
  4. Heating and consolidation system
  5. Chopping system
  6. Sanding method
  7. Sprucing program
  8. Packing system

Operating Theory

We to start with need to crush the content into needed particles by the Crushing program.

The resin, ATH and required particles are place with each other into the Mixing tank Mix device is controlled by frequency changer, so the materials can be mixed speedily and no color error.

Right after mixing the blended raw content and auxiliaries are sent into the Auto vacuum pouring and casting technique. The casting equipment, which use the vacuum pump by means of particular process is suited for strong area resin’s component. It can perform durably in vacuum situation. The reagent pump and screw are produced of the special alloy, they are sturdy and anticorrosive.

The adhering to is casting out the combined uncooked substance to the heating and conveying line.

Soon after that the sound surface will be transported to the computerized chopping program and reduce into essential size.

Sanding and calibrating machine program is extremely important for exact thickness placing. Sanding pad is managed by CVT, and alter feeding velocity accordingly to make certain sanding good quality. Large-power motor and leading brand name bearing ensure best overall performance.

Polish system provides sprucing services for the reliable floor, and has a steady body construction and the force adjustable get in touch with rollers. Via the low speed and adjustable downward strain of the contact roller, the circular abrasive belt which is protected outdoors the contact roller polishes to get essential brightness on the sound surface.

Soon after movie include and coding machine the completed strong floor will be packed by packing system.

The manufacturing line is running in a high automation and intellectualization with out air pollution.



CZPT box or wooden pallets.
Normal packing.

Our Services

Set up, commissioning, education:
Two specialists (a single is CZPT Engineer, the other one particular is electrical engineer) will be despatched to buyer’s factory to guidebook all of the treatment, which includes installation, commissioning, staff coaching.

Firm Data

CZPT SHINING is a specialist Corian Production Making CZPTry organization in HangZhou, China.

We export varieties of machinery to Center CZPT, Center Asia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Algeria, Philippine and many others. for in excess of 15 many years.

We offer you not only high top quality gear, but also complete “soon after income support”, a full established of the technology & programs, such as set up, commissioning and coaching.

Choose CZPT SHINING, you will get “switch-crucial” project support.

Everywhere, anytime, speak to with CZPT SHINING, you will get what you want.


Global Shining Corian Production Making Machinery

Machine for Make PVC Pipe Pipe Making Machine PVC Manufacturer Machinery

Machine for Make PVC Pipe   Pipe Making Machine PVC   Manufacturer Machinery

Application of Pipe: 

PVC CZPT Pipe Extrusion Extruder CZPT is mostly employed in the location of agricultural h2o source program, architectural drinking water offer method, pavement of cables, and many others. as nicely as PVC pipe content of all kinds of pipe caliber and wall thickness.

Charaacterizer of MT extruder:

 Capacity improved (twenty% larger),
CZPT (Bimetallic & PLC Intelligence),
 Reliable quality (vertical gearbox by SKF bearing)

Equipmnet Listing :
PVC pipe extruder machine line : consists primarily of

Twin screw conical (parallel) extruder, 



Vacuum calibrating tank,

 Haul-off unit &Reducing unit, 

Function of CZPT: 
1. Applied with imported A/C inverter. 
two. CZPT brand of vacuum pump and driving motor 
three. Hal-off CZPT involves two-claw type, 3-claw sort, four-claw kind, six-claw sort, eight-claw sort, and so forth.
four. Noticed reducing or planet reducing can be applied
five. it is furthermore utilized with size measuring meter and thickness escalating gadget, the residence of device team is dependable, the generation performance is large.

If you are interest in our machine, that would be our honor to give information for you. 

Principal parameter of PVC pipe generation line extruder machine

Extruder design SJSZ-50/a hundred and five SJSZ-fifty five/110 SJSZ-65/132 SJSZ-80/156 SJSZ-92/188
Driving motor (kw) fifteen 37 37 55 90
Pipe diameter range(mm) 16-forty 20-one hundred ten fifty-200 two hundred-four hundred 400-630
Drinking water pump 3kw 4kw five.5kw 5.5kw X 2pcs seven.5kw X 2pcs
Vacuum pump two.2kw X 2pcs 4kw 4kw 4kw X 2pcs 7.5kw five.5kw X 2pcs
Caliber Length(mm) 5000 6000 6000 8000 6000, 3000
Water cooling tank No No 5000 6000 a hundred thousand
Hauling motor .75kw 4pcs two.2kw three.7kw seven.5kw 18.5kw
Hauling belt 4pcs 2pcs 2pcs 4pcs 6pcs
Chopping motor 1.1kw 2pcs 2.2kw 3.7kw 3.7kw 3.7kw
Contactor model Schneider Schneider Schneider Schneider Schneider


Machine for Make PVC Pipe   Pipe Making Machine PVC   Manufacturer Machinery

Hot Sale LED Vacuum Forming Machineplastic Cup Making Injection Making Molding PVC Pipe Fitting Machinery

Hot Sale LED Vacuum Forming Machineplastic Cup Making Injection Making Molding PVC Pipe Fitting Machinery

C Kind Plug CZPT Electricity twine Injection Molding CZPTs 


1. Vertical direct hydraulic clamping system is designed for accurate, safe operation, especially suitable for insert molding.With double slide table or rotary design, put-in, take-out products and molding finish at the same time, which is more safe and 
efficient for production , then reduce the cost of production.
two. High precision mold platen ( Parralelism/ flatness : 0.01/100mm), heavy-duty tie-bars, and low-pressure mold clamping work together to greatly extend 
machine & mold life.

three. Nitride and NIP/ Nitroflon coated screws and barrels are longlasting, robust and provide superior acid/alkaline resistance.Heavyduty double cylinder injection unit is maintenance friendly and free of oil leaks.

4. All series adapted Variable pump +PQ valves enable energy savings of 30~fifty%.

5. Proportional hydraulic control system provides low noise, low energy consumption, and smooth machine movements with durable life.

Parameter of CZPT:

JY-500C/JY-850C CZPT specification 
Product Models JY-500C JY-850C

Injection System

CZPT Diameter mm Φ32 Φ38 Φ40 Φ45
Injection Pressure Kg/cm2 1506 1063 2396 1842
Theoretical Shot volume cm3 153 215 263 318
Max. Shot Weight(P.S) g/Oz 139/four.89 196/6.9 228/8 283/ten.2
Injection Rate mm one hundred ninety 190
Max.CZPT speed  rpm -a hundred seventy five -one hundred sixty
Temperature Control ZONE 4 4

Clamping System

Clamping Force T 55 85
Platen Size mm 480*280 580*330
Distance Between Tie Bare mm 265 285
Min Mold Height mm 215/200 285/280
Opening Stroke mm 200 280
Max. Open Daylight mm 290/215 280/30
Ejector Force T one.5 two.two
Ejector stroke mm 135 one hundred thirty five

CZPT System

Max. CZPT Pressure Kg/cm2 one hundred forty one hundred forty
Pump Output L forty 47
Pump Motor Power Kw seven.5/10HP eleven/15HP
Barrel Heating Power Kw 13 23
Total Wattage Kw 4.four five.8

Other folks

CZPT Dimensions (L*W*H) m three*1.two*two.one 3.four*1.4*two.5
CZPT Measurement (L*W*H) m 3.one*one.3*2.3 3.6*1.five*two.seven
CZPT Weight T 4.four 5.8
CZPT Weight T five six.five


Deliver me inquiry, We promise to give an extra 6 month free of charge warranty. 

Total 18 months warranty.


CZPT Specifics:

We can customize in accordance to your demands.
If you call for any additional details, truly feel free to speak to me.

CZPT Principal CZPT:



Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A1: Manufacturing unit we are, all the machine are produced by ourselves. In addition to, you can get the customize service with your demands

Q2: What is actually your guarantee for the equipment?

A2: One Year Guarantee(all the machine areas can be replaced inside of a single calendar year totally free of demand, not including the manmade broke), daily life-time upkeep.

Q3: What’s your Shipping and delivery Time?

A3: Usually it is 3-five times if the device is in stock If not, the delivery time is 10-twenty five times according to your needed amount and our occupied time.

This autumn: Where is your manufacturing unit? How can check out you?

A4: Our manufacturing unit is next to HangZhou and HangZhou. We will generate you to our manufacturing unit by car when you get there at HangZhou or Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Railway(Bus) station.

Q5: Why choose HangZhou  CZPTry Co., Ltd.?

A5: “Buyer Fulfillment, Continuous Advancement & Modern Services” are the driving power for our company to shifting forwards. We will commit each endeavours to do the best stage machine and support.


Welcome to go to our manufacturing facility to check out much more information.

Hot Sale LED Vacuum Forming Machineplastic Cup Making Injection Making Molding PVC Pipe Fitting Machinery

1325 CNC Router Wooden Door Making Wood Working Machinery for Cabinets, Acrylic

1325 CNC Router Wooden Door Making Wood Working Machinery for Cabinets, Acrylic

1325 CNC Router CZPT Door Generating Wooden Working CZPTry for Cupboards, Acrylic



  • Higher cost functionality, no require for large procurement costs to meet processing wants. Popular in the household furniture market, advertising and marketing and other industries.
  • With the positive aspects of rapidly engraving pace, large efficiency, easy reducing floor and the clear contour.
  • Adopting imported areas, it guarantees a long service lifestyle of the equipment.

CZPT Parameters  

Working spot 1300*2500*200mm

Italy four.5kw HSD air cooling spindle

CZPT 5.5kw Xihu (West Lake) Dis.  inverter
Manage system Mach3 manage method for four axis
Motor and driver FL118 stepper motor and YAKO2811 big driver
Doing work Desk

T-slot & vacuum doing work  table

X,Y,Z Transmission Helical rack gears transmission on XY axis
ZheJiang TBI ball screw transmission on Z axis
Software Compatibility Artcam software program
Linear information 20mm ZheJiang PMI sq. linear guidebook
CZPT program

Manual lubrication technique for rails

Restrict swap

Japan OMRON limit change for X,Y,Z axis

Vacuum pumps

two sets of 2.2kw h2o vacuum pumps

Rotary device

200mm diameter rotary

Doing work voltage


PS:All the operating area and specifications CZPT in accordance to your requests.


one.Wood furnitur industry: Wave plate, fantastic sample, antique home furniture, picket doorway, display, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, inside doorways, couch legs, headboards and so on.

two.Marketing sector: Promoting indentification, signal producing, acrylic engraving and reducing, crystal word generating, blaster molding, and other advertising and marketing supplies derivatives generating.

3.Die industry: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other steel molds, as nicely as synthetic marble, sand , plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, picket planjs and other non-metallic mold.

CZPT &Shipping and delivery

CZPT Specifics: one.Outside bundle:Normal marine export plywood situation. 
                               2.inner bundle:Stretch film and plastic movie for humidity. 
                               We can package according to your requests.
Shipping Element: Delivered in 15 functioning times soon after payment.

Our Solutions

one.In 7 days considering that your nearby customs clearance: if the cnc router’s any parts has any troubles, we will change it cost-free.

two. CZPT 7 days since your nearby customs clearance but inside warranty time period: if the cnc router areas have any difficulties, we can modify the previous equipment elements to new kinds totally free, but you must pay out all the shipping price.

three.CZPT warranty time period: if the cnc router components have any problems, we can offer you new equipment parts with price price tag and you also must shell out all the shipping expense.

four. We provide 24 hours specialized assist by phone, and e-mail.

five.Our technician can give you remote guidebook on the internet(Skype or WhatsApp) if you have any issue.

6.We can file videos of running the laser machine.

seven.Totally free training course in our factory.         

eight.CZPT will be altered prior to it is shipped, procedure disk/CD was provided.

Our Factory

  • HangZhou Blue CZPT CNC CZPTry Co., Ltd is situated in HangZhou City, ZheJiang CZPT. We have often been produced to the study and producer of CNC router equipment and laser reducing engraving equipment.
  • Our Philosophy: To Be First Brand name — CNC CZPTr & wholesaler Platform!
  • Just hunting ahead to provider every single consumer, like you.

Welcome to contact us

Manager : Jack
mobile : -15064026772


1325 CNC Router Wooden Door Making Wood Working Machinery for Cabinets, Acrylic